Hello, October

It’s still muggy and warm outside, here in Florida. It’s the rainy season and that means days of cloudy overcast and storms with some sunshine in between. But it’s also October and that’s my favorite month of the year. In the heart of Autumn, it screams pumpkins and apples and mulled wine and hot cider.

Right now, it also means the 4th week of half marathon training and the desperate need to really focus on getting serious about the races I have to come. Cooler temps means longer runs outside, long walks as a cool down, and maybe just hanging out in the cripser air.

If it ever got that cool here, that is. (PS: Warning – cursing to follow under the cut)

So my first half marathon is on Thanksgiving, and let’s be real: I haven’t been the most consistent in my training. I’ve been letting outside influences (work, husband, friends) interfere with my plans, along with a few things out of my control (migraines) and now I’m sitting here at the end of week 4 and thinking “This is fucking stupid, Jamie. You want to do this, you have a time goal for some of them, what the hell!? Why are you letting these things stop you?”

And the sad side of me answered: “Because I’m lazy. I’m heavier than I used to be pre-surgery, and I’m stressed out at work. And sometimes Brian hates my running because it gets in the way of other things and I hate pissing him off. And oh, because what they want is so much more important than what I want right now and trying to squeeze in a run before that means getting up hella early and I’m already so fucking tired….” and so on.

And it’s true. Everything listed above is true and has happened in some capacity. But what happened to taking care of ME? This morning, I woke up and realized that needs to change. There is always going to be stress, but I shouldn’t let that ruin what I love. So, now it’s time to buckle down and focus. No more excuses. It’s time to do it and make things happen. And in October, my favorite month of all, it’s going down. (I’m yelling Timbeeeerrrrrrr…….. sorry.)

– Stick to the damn plan!!
– 110 miles this month (a challenge from Paul McRae here in Jax)
– MFP this month. No excuses!
– No more gluten foods, no matter how stressed I get.
– Cook more, so I can prepack meals more
– Breakfast , every day.

What are your October goals?


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