Pumpkin coffee? Cooler temps? Must be Autumn!

My favorite season: all things pumpkin, cooler temps with less humidity, the fall race plan, and some of the most delicious stuff ever. Yes, that gets a separate line from the pumpkin obsession I have. But seriously, with Autumn comes all the other things that are fantastic and spectacular.

Let’s go over the list, shall we?

First and certainly most importantly: All Things Pumpkin. Mock me all you want, I’m obsessed with pumpkin. Dunkin 10599210_542457319189646_2326189084068797939_nDonuts has the most amazing pumpkin coffee I have had, and it’s not uncommon to see me with a large iced pumpkin coffee (with cream unless it’s 3am on a Saturday, then sugar too.) Seriously. I drink gallons of it. It just tastes the best compared to other kinds of pumpkin flavored coffee that I’ve had. And I can get a large iced coffee at my Dunkin for only $2.67. I paid more than double that for a smaller iced pumpkin drink at a competitor one eventful morning and refuse to go back. Dunkin is where it’s at.

Then there are the other pumpkin treats: the Dunkin Pumpkin donut, the plethora of pumpkin butter, recipes for everything pumpkin (I just found one for pumpkin cupcakes that require a 6983053707_cd35ddcdb2_zcake mix and a can of pumpkin. Brownies too,) and just about everything else I can get my hands on. I’m that girl. I know.

Another amazing pumpkin thing? Southern Teir Pumking beer. When I order it at Kickbacks, they give it to me with a graham cracker crusted glass and I’m in heaven. It tastes delicious: pumpkin and spices and everything fall should be. I can’t wait till it cools off enough so I can drink that cold beer near an open fire and relish in the hot/cold mix.

Speaking of cold, I LOVE the lower temperatures! When I drove home last night, I had all my windows down as I usually do since I don’t have AC in my car, and found it to be delightfully cool. Not cold, not overly cool where I need a sweater and a scarf… but cooler than it has been in a LONG time. Then, when I went to go run, it was even better.

IMG_9983I tend to overheat as I run, so having the cooler temperatures is always a pleasant surprise. It helps keep my body temperature down and feel more comfortable. When my average running pace was between 10 and 11 minute miles, I realized that Autumn really was here. (Granted, I still ended with a 12:15 pace but it’s getting there)

The cooler weather means scarves, boots, oversized cardigans and everything comfortable. It also means my longer running pants, the awesome winter running coats that I got on clearance last year, and fantastic running since the humidity will be gone as well. I seriously can’t wait for consistent cooler weather.

And who can forget fall races? There are some seriously amazing fall/winter races in Jacksonville. Coming up is the Marine Corp Half on October 4th and the Evergreen Pumpkin Run on October 26 (the day after my wedding anniversary!) Then in November, there is the Suburu Half Marathon on Thanksgiving, with the Space Coast Half/Marathon just a few days later. In December, there is the Reindeer Run Half and the Divas Half Marathon – both on December 7th. The Jacksonville Bank Marathon (and half) is scheduled for December 28 and this race is always a HUGE one. Then the Gator Bowl 5k on January 1st, and of course the imgresBest Damn Race Half, 10k and 5k on January 10.

There are TONS of smaller races in between these big ones too, if you have Saturdays off. Which I don’t right now. Epic bummer. But I’m working on that! Most all of the races I listed have great medals and fantastic stuff for the runners taking part. Plus, I’ve run almost all of the routes and they are not boring at all.

Right now I’m registered for the Evergreen Pumpkin Run (10 miler,) the Suburu Half, The Space Coast Half, and the Jax Bank Half. I haven’t registered for the Marine Corp Half, but I want to. I might still do it, but now it all depends on the Dunn Trial. A6N8YD

Then there is all the delicious fall foods! The most amazing squash soup at Panera. All the butternut squash raviolis. Roasted winter veggies with garlic olive oil. Home made beef stew. Brian’s homemade chili. ALL THE APPLES!! And SO. MUCH. MORE.

It’s happening people.

urlSure, a good chunk of this post is all food all the time. But the truth is there are some AMAZING things that come out in the fall. Summer is known for the fruits, but fall? Fall is all about the veggies! At least I think so. I’m a big fan of anything squash related and am hoping to branch out and taste test some acorn squash and other winter squash. I want to make my mom’s beef stew over (gluten free) butter noodles and yum. Brian loves casseroles so I’m sure there will be a lot of those coming too. I want to try my hand at a healthy chicken pot pie.

Then there is the candy: It’s no secret I have a monster sweet tooth. White chocolate M&Ms that taste like candy corn? Mellow creme pumpkins and candy corn?  Salted Caramel Dove Chocolates? Yes please to all and everything. I literally cannot keep this in the condo because if I do, it will be GONE in one sitting. It’s like ice cream: two days MAX. It’s bad.

Thankfully, I run 🙂

So those are the things I love about Autumn! What are some of your favorites??


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