It’s A Food Thing: Did I eat today?

Here’s the scenario: you are busy. Like, crazy busy. A million things on your to do list, and none of them are going to get done unless you get moving and stay moving. Then an emergency happens, and you have to take care of that too, on top of everything else you are trying to get done, and suddenly it’s 3pm and you stop and think… Did I eat lunch today?

Sadly, this is a normal part of my daily life, and it’s something that many of my running friends are telling me is hindering my progress instead of helping my progress.

Well, yeah. I can see that. But my day job is working in the number 1 newsroom in Jacksonville, and sometimes I don’t realize that I haven’t eaten lunch till almost 2pm when I hit a pause and think “Wow. I’m hungry…” Or I have a huge to do list I want to try and get done on my day off only to have half of it fluffed off because of a family emergency and I finally get to a stopping point and realize…Huh. I’ve only had a couple of granola bars, one of Ellie’s small bags of chips, and a coffee today. And it’s three in the afternoon.

It’s not healthy. And I know that. But how do you stop “forgetting” to eat?

It’s not like you aren’t hungry, it’s just sometimes there are other things going on that keep you from stopping and grabbing food. Remember when I said I was going to start taking a lunch break everyday for an hour? That didn’t last long because I’m busy at work. I usually end up eating at my desk later than I plan to because craziness is happening and only because I suddenly realize that I’m starving.

I know I’m not the only one.


That’s why I started spacing out my food at work. It’s almost like I’m eating small meals over time; fruit and yogurt at 10am, then my hummus and carrots at about 1pm, and then at 3pm another piece of fruit. Maybe another snack at 5pm as we go to air, like the new Nature Valley Gluten Free bars, or a Clif bar. Something to get me to dinner at 7 (or later if I am running.) It’s actually a smarter way of eating, according to some of the research I have seen.

But then there are days where I look at the clock and think “OMG, it’s 3pm. I haven’t eaten yet. This sucks,” and I ponder if it’s even worth eating now since I know I will be eating dinner in a few hours.

I’ve tried setting an alarm on my phone, only to ignore it without thinking about it.
I’ve tried setting an alert in my Outlook, only to dismiss it with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.
I’ve tried scheduling lunches with friends, only to sometimes have to cancel because BREAKING NEWS
Then I had an epiphany.

There are some things in this world that are important. Kindness to others and polite conversation. A hug and a kiss from Dreamboat as often as I can get it. Laughter and tears, both happy and sad. And know what else is important? Me. I’m important.

Pasta Dinner with Garlic Bread Carbs

If I put half the effort I do in my job into my personal life and myself in general, how much better would I be? How much stronger would I be. Happier? It was a crappy realization to get to realize that I spend way to much time on a job that is going to end someday…and not enough time into myself. So I decided to change a few things.

If I need to eat something, then I’m going to stop and get some food and eat because I’m important.
If I need to walk away for a moment, walk upstairs and get a bag of Pirate’s Booty, I will. Because I’m important.
If I need to grab my stuff and run to Panera to get a salad and a giant green tea, I will. Because I’m important.
If my husband, who happens to be in town, wants to take me to lunch as a surprise, I’m grabbing my purse and walking out. Because I’m important

Food and eating isn’t an option, it’s a necessity to life. It provides nutrients, energy, sanity, and is one of the only things we can’t live without. Forgetting to eat, while easy to do when chaos ensues, is just not an option anymore. If I want to be healthy, that means eating and eating healthy too.

I’m sorry for arguing with Dreamboat and telling him there’s no way you can forget to eat. Because now I know it’s possible. And now I know it’s also easy to overcome if you just put in a little effort, and remember that you are important too.


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