Half Marathon Training Begins!

I’ve waited patiently for my new shoes to arrive, and have been adding a plethora of new music to my “Shut Up and Run” playlist on Spotify. I have washed all of my running gear and made sure that everything is set and ready to go. I’ve forced myself to get up early to kind of get used to waking up at 5am so I can run before work. The only thing left to do is to map out on a paper calendar that will hang in my bedroom the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half training plan (slightly altered for my schedule) and it’s GAME ON.

Half Marathon Training has officially begun, with the first of many this fall starting on Thanksgiving Day.

I have a few half marathons that I registered for, and there are one or two more that I may or may not register for as well. It depends on timing with vacation and friends before I can commit to them, but I’m excited to be back in the game.

I’m going to be running in the morning, which I actually have a love/hate relationship with: I hate waking up so early in the morning to go run, but I lose my motivation after work pretty quickly on bad work days so its just smarter to run before. It also allows me the freedom to make dinner while Dreamboat works out (either running himself, or riding the bike until I can get him to get his knee checked out) so that we aren’t eating at 9pm. Our bedtime is 10pm, so it doesn’t help to eat so late.

And speaking of eating, we’ve already been making the necessary steps to cleaning our eating up. It’s hard to get back out of bad habits, but this time it’s pretty easy. I think it’s because we both really want to clean up our act and get our weight under control and get back to being sexy Jamie and sexy Brian. That always helps, right?

While I was at work last week, my old news director stopped by. She is doing the special on Hurricane Dora. Tuesday is the 50th anniversary for the ONLY hurricane that had a direct hit on Jacksonville, and George Winterling was the only meteorologist who called it correctly (and he works at Channel 4!) Anyway, Mo stopped by with her adorable golden Mia, and she noted that she saw I had signed up for a few of the races.

“Did I see you had signed up for the Pumpkin Run?” she asked me.

“Yes, yes you did!” I responded with a smile. Mia had climbed up on the stage that I sit on at work so I was scratching her behind the ears as we chatted.

“Are you doing the 10 miler or the 5k?” she asked.

“The 10 miler. It fits in with my half training,” I answered. Mo seemed genuinely surprised and excited that I was running the Pumpkin 10 Miler, as well as the Thanksgiving Day half. We chatted a bit about the mileage and running in the awful Florida weather for a bit before she walked away, but I felt good and confident talking about it with someone who didn’t know I ran. It made me excited to train, to run, to finally get my shit together and get back out there.

Chrissy, who is a friend of mine who also works at the station, mentioned wanting to do some running with me as well. That excited me because I’ve been running alone for a long time now and it gets boring sometimes. If nothing else, it’d be nice to have someone to do long runs with on Sunday mornings! Especially since most of my friends do their long runs on Saturdays (which I am hoping to be able to do at some point. I really want to get off working Saturday mornings!)

So my Fall Running Schedule is as follows:

Evergreen Cemetery Pumpkin 10 Miler – October 26
Suburu Half Marathon – November 27
Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon – November 30
Jax Bank Half – December 28

There are a few more races to be added, I’m sure, it just depends on my schedule and what’s going on. I have a vacation in Cancun with my parents and my in-laws coming in December, and one of my good friends is celebrating his birthday in Orlando and we are going to that as well and that’s the first weekend of October. That’s also the Marine Corp Half. So we are playing things by ear right now, but those are the races I am most certainly running.

Yay for FALL RACING! 🙂


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