RAVE: Running Warehouse? I think I love you.

It’s been a while since I have run, and I’m catching a lot of hell for it. But here’s the truth: my shoes are torn up. I mean REALLY torn up. And they have been torn up for a while now. I have zero tread left, some of it is actually peeling off, and there is A HOLE in the right toe box. I’ve pretty much worn then completely out.

They were torn up when I ran the Tour de Pain in August, and I said I’d get new ones after that, and I never did. I didn’t have the extra cash I needed to get them (I mean, come on…running shoes are expensive) and trying to purchase them before vacation didn’t seem logical. Now that we are back from vacation, and half marathon training starts on Monday, it’s time to bite the bullet and swallow my pride and ask Dreamboat to get me a new pair of shoes since I’m financially strapped. He said he would give me the cash by the end of the day (he was on his way to work) and that got me to looking for shoes. 

Marisa had been bugging me about getting new running shoes and suggested checking out Running Warehouse. I was hesitant. I liked the instant gratification of getting my shoes in a store that allowed me to get them right then and there, having the ability to run in them in just a half hour after purchase.

Then I went to the website, and now I am hooked!

I’m not a stranger to online shopping, especially when it comes to running stuff. Amazon is usually my go to for running shoes on the discount, as well as gels and chews and anything else I can think of. I usually purchase one pair of shoes at the running store and when I get close to needing a new pair, I head over to Amazon and stalk them until I see them discounted. Usually, there is a pretty decent price drop in ordering them there, and with the scouring of the internet, I can find a free shipping code as well. 


Marisa hounded me about going to Running Warehouse, especially since she found my shoes not only on discount, but on liquidation. (Really?! Didn’t you just come out with a new shoe last year, Mizuno!? I guess the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s are not doing well or something if it’s only been, what, a year?!) That made the $115 shoes actually closer to like $80. Actually, they were $83 and change. What? That’s cheaper than my WJXT discount at a local running shop! Impressive.

Then, I scoured the internet. Running Warehouse already offered free shipping, so I wanted to find a discount code to get them cheaper – and I DID. I found one from RunBlogger.com and it got me 10% off of my purchase, which brought it down to $75. 

BUT THEN – Running Warehouse suggested some items that I could get at a discount or for free for spending so much money. So I scored a free reusable bag (which I am obsessed with) and I got a Running Warehouse sticker (which will go on my car as soon as I got it) and a pair of arm sleeves for just under $5! And I’ve been looking for a pair of arm sleeves to test out! 

My shoes were on sale PLUS I got free shipping AND I found a 10% off coupon code. AND I scored some freebies. All for about $80 total! AND – my shoes will be here within two days, no extra shipping fees. Color this girl happy and a new customer. THANKS TO DREAMBOAT for getting them for me. I love you. And I’m sorry I took so long to check out this awesome website, Marisa, but I’m set to start purchasing from there as long as they keep this awesomeness up. 

Do you buy shoes/supplies online? What are your go to sites? 


3 thoughts on “RAVE: Running Warehouse? I think I love you.

  1. Ruth Sheldon says:

    I just got new kicks, so I’m really not looking, but checking out the site and seeing how much better the prices are for the same shoes I like is AWESOME! They will definitely have a customer in me when I need to get new shoes!

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