Getting Back to Normal

San Antonio was amazing: It was hot, but not humid, and filled with some of the most amazing culture I have ever witnessed. The river walk was incredible, the food delicious, and the sites and sounds were just breathtaking. We toured the Alamo, the Natural Bridge Caverns, walked the river walk many times, and had a blast.

Diet? Thrown out the window. Pizza was a hot commodity there. As was any and all tex-mex cuisine (which was amazing btw.) Eating lots of gluten hurt me, and I’m paying for it now, but the food was worth it. Seeing our friends who we haven’t seen in almost 6 years was worth it. A vacation away from everything and anything that had both Dreamboat and I THISCLOSE to killing everyone and each other was worth it.

And now – it’s time to get back to normal. And into SERIOUS TRAINING MODE.

The Suburu Half Marathon and the Space Coast Marathon are days apart, and 13 weeks away. Plenty of time to train up for a good half marathon in my opinion. Add in the fact that every day that goes by the “average high” drops a degree or two makes it even better. No more are the 98 degree days, with a heat index of 111. Starting in just days, the average high will simply be in the high 80s…and dropping. (The humidity? That’s a different story.)

For me, it’s prime training weather. I do better in cooler temps and lower humidity. I feel better, my body works better. So when our meteorologist came in to the morning meeting and told me that, I damn near cheered. Huzzah! Fall is really coming!

Knowing that when we got back from vacation, it was beast mode time, I knew I had to make plans for training. Brian is also registered for this race, and we had to map out who would run when, how food would be handled, and what days long runs will be on (Will we run them together? Not together? Are we going to do the same plan? Not the same plan? WHAT ARE WE DOING!?)

I had planned to do the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Intermediate for this one. I’ve done it in the past, and it’s been a good friend of mine. I still don’t know what a tempo run is, or how to do them accurately. In the past, I just did by bridge repeats as speed work, and use that in place of the tempo run. I’m uncertain as to what I am going to do now for that, but I know whatever I do, I will be dedicated and focused. And much to my chagrin, I have agreed to run in the morning, so Brian can have the evenings and I can make dinner while he is running. That way, when I get home, I can either heat up our food prep or just cook from scratch while he is out there pounding the pavement himself.

Well, that’s what I thought our agreed on plan was.

See, the thing with my Dreamboat is he has two major issues stopping him from a consistent training plan: One, his job. He works in Waycross, Georgia. For those who don’t know, that’s about a 2 hour drive from our home in Jacksonville. One way. Which means he gets up and is out the door by 5:30am. And if he leaves on time (4pm) he is home by 6:30, thanks to traffic. If he’s stuck and he leaves later? He gets home later. So I totally get the “Screw working out, I’m freaking tired” mentality after a day like that.

The second thing? His knee. See, long time ago when things were new and exciting between Brian and I (as opposed to OLD and exciting! haha!) he hurt his knee at work. He fell while trying to break down a set, and his knee dislocated, but snapped back into place because he’s a strong guy who was running a lot and the muscles were strong. In the process, he cracked the underside of his knee cap where the muscle is attached. Flash forward to present day, and running hurts his knee more than just a twinge like it was before. So running might not be the best idea for him. Thankfully, he’s going to start on the bike first and build up some strength, and take some glucosomine to help the joint.

ANYWAY – Since he’s got a major time crunch and whatnot, I’ve printed out and planned the Novice 1 or Novice 2 training program for him. It’s only miles, meaning no speed and no tempo runs. It should be perfect because the majority of the miles he runs during the week are 3-5, no more. Then, a long run on the weekend. Perfect for the guy with very few hours to dedicate to training.

Then comes the diet: talk about a major overhaul. Time to cut out the crap, and get serious. I’m back on My Fitness Pal (again) and have a few friends who I’ve recruited to help keep me accountable. Even if I go over on my calories I NEED to be logging them. I need to be able to track what I’m eating so I can make sure I’m getting the necessary fuel I need for my running, the necessary liquid intake, and to make sure I’m eating right to drop some weight.

I want to be down 15 lbs before our trip to Cancun in December dammit!

So that’s where we are at. Beast mode time. Three half marathons on the roster, possibly a fourth. (I signed up for Blerch Virtual, but haven’t heard anything yet) Plus a 10 miler on October 26. Throw in some squats and weights, and I’m hoping to be a svelt little vixen by the end of the year.

If you are on MFP – Find me: IdiotRunnerGirl and help keep me accountable!
If you are on DailyMile – Find me: Jamie

ALSO NOTE: While I still have accounts open on MapMyRun and Nike+, I don’t use them anymore. Please add me on Argus or DailyMile to share and get conversations going. 🙂 (can you add me on Runmeter? If so, do that too)


2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Normal

  1. Nick says:

    Really great to see you running pain-free! I remember last year, how you struggled with the migraines…I bet you are TOTALLY gonna rock it this year 🙂

    Keep us updated on how it goes with you and DB do with training, ok?

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