It’s A Food Thing: Cravings are the Devil!

I actually can’t stand chocolate. I am the kind of girl who craves chewy, fruity taffy. The only chocolate I like is when it’s surrounding peanut butter, caramel and an apple. (Kilwins makes the most amazing chocolate, peanut butter, caramel dipped apple. It’s to die for.) But when Brian and I were at Walmart the other day grabbing some odds and ends, we got a giant bag of mini Twix bars.

Maybe it’s the caramel. Maybe it’s the not gluten free cookie. Maybe it’s the chocolate, and maybe it’s because we keep them in the freezer because eating them frozen is so freaking delicious. I hadn’t had a Twix bar in YEARS easy. But with two of those minis, I was screwed and suddenly all I want is chocolate and caramel and cookie that makes my stomach unhappy and happy at the same time.

That triggered a sudden craving for bread and soft pretzels and chewy pizza crusts. That’s when it hit me. I ate a small, little gluten filled bit of deliciousness and it caused me insane desire to eat all the gluten.

Cravings – thou art a harsh Mistress. gluten free text

Living life gluten free is actually pretty easy once you get used to it. Normally, I don’t miss the breads or the pastas because there are actually some pretty great alternatives out there. Udi’s has some delicious options, and Rudi’s. Mueller now has a gluten free pasta out that is part rice, part corn. It’s actually quite delicious! I even have Dreamboat eating it! And I’m not the kind of wife that says he isn’t allowed to eat anything that I can’t eat. He is allowed to get all the breads and pastas and whatever he wants. In fact, the pantry is full of more gluten filled pasta than gluten free pasta.

And I was doing SO WELL. So well. I was feeling better, I was looking better, things were great.

Then those damn Twix bars.

I can’t blame Dreamboat. He didn’t exactly open then and then shove them down my throat. I was the one who opened the bag almost immediately after walking in the door and scarfing three or four of them down before putting them in the freezer. And I’m the one who has been grabbing two or three at a time when I walk by the freezer over the past two weeks since we bought the bag. And I’m the one who is suffering because of the lack of control I seemed to develop the moment those delicious chocolate and caramel filled treats made it into the cart.

And here’s the fun part: ever since I’ve been snacking on those delicious cookies, I’ve noticed that I’ve started craving other gluten filled things. Like a sub from Publix, real pizza crust, or the donuts that are sitting in the newsroom. Thankfully, I’ve been able to say no to those without a bat of the eye. But those damn candied cookies…


I’m aware that gluten free eating isn’t for everyone, but I know I feel better when I eat that way. I’m less bloated, I’m more regular, and I feel better overall. Did you know that if you have a dairy allergy, you are already predisposed to have a gluten intolerance? I didn’t until my doctor told me, and I used to be DEATHLY allergic to dairy. It’s weird how the two could be correlated but eh. Whatever.

So now I am trying to purge my body of the poisonous (delicious) thing that is making me feel awful: the cookies from the Twix bar. I am taking medications for my stomach to feel normal again, drinking lots of fluids to flush everything out and then just waiting. Patience is a virtue I am not good with, but I try hard to be as patient as possible.

And for every bag of gluten filled treats Brian gets, I’m going to grab a gluten free alternative for myself.


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