Holy Crazy Week, Batman!

Running has always been what I did to de-stress; a time for me to lose myself in the music in my ears and the burn in my lungs and the pound of the pavement under my feet. This week, though, even running couldn’t cut the crazy stress I felt.

I know the life of someone who works in TV News is going to be insane; I’ve learned that over the past 11 years working in the field, but this week takes the cake. Or better yet, this week was the straw that broke the camels back really.

Too many puns? Sorry. But it’s the truth. Every once in a while things get more and more out of control and the next thing you know – a meltdown ensues and tears are cried and sleep is had.

This week was one of those weeks.

Friday, after work I didn’t want to run. I wanted walk. Or better yet STALK around. I was a ticking time bomb of emotional vomit and I really just wanted to burn it off. So I sent Dreamboat to hang out with his best friend, got home from work and headed to the tread mill. I walked two miles there, and then walked two more miles outside. I listened to music. I read fan-fiction online. I came home to shower and then took some Zzzquil and went to bed.

Saturday I did my usual overnight shift, then came home and went back to bed. Then woke up long enough to have dinner with friends and hang with a friend who crashed with us last night, only to go back to bed and sleep for another 7 hours.

I feel better today. The stress is down, I feel more awake and focused, and while I am still sleepy, I just feel BETTER. Today I am 14/101 miles into the 101 August Miles challenge, and still need to run/walk today. I wanted to do 5 miles today, and haven’t had a chance to do it yet. Maybe later tonight after dinner with friends.

Look for more regular posts next week, including the recap from the Tour de Pain, some Food Things posts,  and my adventures on making it back to being a morning runner. Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday! 🙂


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