Later June – HELLO, JULY!

June is coming to an end and suddenly I’m looking around going, hey! What happened to May… and June!? Needless to say, a new month is upon us and it’s time to buckle down and do some serious work. I’m ready for some changes to happen in my life and I know that is based solely on me.

So that being said, here’s the plan for July –

Taking Steps to get Healthy: I’ve felt lousy for a long time now. I’ve been avoiding admitting that to myself, because I don’t want to admit that there might be something wrong. But I’ve been so tired lately, no motivation to do anything, not interested in the things I adore… so I’m either fighting a losing battle with depression or having a massive thyroid meltdown. Also, my allergies have been going HAYWIRE. I feel like I’m always fighting some kind of congestion or ear pain. OVER IT. Between all of that, and the high blood pressure issues, I’m going to get a FULL physical (the last time I had one, I was 6) to make sure I’m healthy. This is going to include blood work, and I plan on taking my Health Assessment paperwork I had to get done for my insurance with me so we can compare and contrast. Not saying they were wrong, but it’d be nice to see how close the numbers are. Today is the first appointment of three (thanks insurance for screwing that one up) and I’m hoping to have a discussion about the anti-depressants and get my paperwork for blood work done today during the girlie appointment. Then get blood work done tomorrow morning after fasting, and schedule the follow up, full exam for next Monday. When’s the last time you had a physical? You should get one too just to be safe.

Run 100 miles in July:Ā  When I was invited to this group on Facebook, I was like – you’re kidding right? I’m barely able to be consistent with what I’m doing now! But the more I thought about it, the more excited I got because here was a chance for some online support by a giant group of people from all over the world who want to run 100 miles in July. It pairs well with my half marathon training (I do have to add miles every week, but 2-3 miles here or there shouldn’t kill me) and overall it will get me out the door regardless of how lousy I feel. So I signed up for the group and am excited to start this tomorrow. If you want to join the group, I have to add you as a friend on FB first, and then invite you. So let me know if you want to join us. šŸ™‚

Run 75 miles in July DailyMile challenge: If I am doing one, I might as well do the other. My girl Tiffany sent me this challenge for 75 miles on DailyMile. I’m already doing a 100 mile challenge on FB, why not add this one? It’s open to anyone who has a DailyMile account -> GO HERE TO JOIN – and by the way! Give me a follow if you are on DM!

Cross Training like a BOSS: I fail at cross training. I’m an adrenaline junkie and if I don’t get some kind of high out of the activity, there are good chances that I don’t want to do it because I’ll get bored. BUT – I need to stretch and do yoga. It has to happen for my mental and physical health. So I’m going to start adding it twice a week. Also – I found this strengthening thing in last month’s Runner’s World that was attached to the “running a 5k is fun” story and figured I’d add that to my workouts as well. It’s stuff like squats, lunges, jump rope, ect. and it’s aimed to help strengthen your legs. being that it’s simple stuff that should only take up another 20 minutes, I could easily do that and yoga in the morning, and run in the evening.

MyFitnessPal. Again. I seriously loath this app. I don’t ever remember to load my food onto it, but I need to start tracking my intake so I can start losing some weight. I also updated my RunMeter app to allow for auto posting of my fitness calories there so I can not have to try and remember to do that too. So starting tomorrow, I’m going to start using it again. Are you on MFP? If so, find me. Jamie Rothman Johnson. Idiot Runner Girl.

Non-Running Related Plans: I want to spend as much time as I can in the sun (I use SPF 50, what do you use?) I want to eat all the fruit. I want to laugh a lot. I want to go swimming often. I want to go to the beach to eat seafood and drink beer. I want to prep for races in August. I want to master beachy waves on my newly shortened hair. I want to read a book. I want to catch up on my magazines. I want to smile, relax and have some fun.

What are YOUR July plans!? šŸ™‚


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