It’s A Food Thing: Eating For My Health, not yours.

Carrots instead of crackers. Salad instead of a sandwich. Going to Dunkin for coffee and skipping the donut no matter how good it all smells. Buying the “different” pasta for yourself, and the “normal” pasta for your husband. Spending twice as much on a box of crackers that won’t tear up my gut than the “normal”crackers that Dreamboat snacks on.

I usually eat about 85% healthy. Out of the other 15% I am usually doing things like getting extra sugar in my coffee (hey, when it’s 2:30am, you do what you do to stay awake) or devouring a random treat of Savannah’s Sweets taffy. I don’t drink soda that often anymore, everything we make at home is more often than not from scratch (aside from things like pasta) and we make it a point to have either a salad or a veggie with each meal.

So eating for my health isn’t about eating clean; I do that pretty much already. Eating for my health is more like giving up the gluten and remembering why I gave up gluten when I eat that donut and feel lousy for three days afterward.

Oh sure, there are these new pills out that promise to eliminate the excessive gas and constipation…but really, a bunch of herbs and vitamins are not going to work. I like to think they will, and swallow them down before I eat something that has gluten in it… but really no. I choke on  the overwhelming smell and taste of peppermint in them and feel queasy and then grouchy because they didn’t do a damn thing.

But since the whole gluten free life is becoming a new “fad diet” as of late, it should be super easy to find stuff that is gluten free. And it is, most of the time. Normal grocery stores are now carrying a small supply of some pretty tasty gluten free options, while the specialty grocery stores carry a wider variety. A lot of popular restaurant chains are now offering some gluten free options (“try our new gluten free pizza crust!” or “Ask your server for our gluten free menu!”) and while the prices for such are little bit higher than I would usually pay, I do enjoy the fact that I can go to Mellow Mushroom and get a Mighty Meaty on GF crust and be happily noshing while Dreamboat and others are eating the hell out of their deliciously fluffly crusted pizza.

However, there are those times when you are out with friends and they are all like “Oh, just eat it! A little bit won’t bother you!” and because you want to prove a point you do eat it and it’s delicious but within a few hours you are feeling bloated and miserable and they are all “What happened? What did you eat?” and you are expected to be the bigger person, popping Gas-X like a champ, and shrug it off as nothing. THAT is irritating as hell. THAT is what makes going gluten free such a complicated thing.

I don’t eat a lot of pastries anyway, I’m not into cakes and cupcakes and cookies. I don’t eat a lot of bread anymore and really I don’t miss it for anything. Getting my chicken or fish grilled instead of fried eliminates the chances of having flour in the mix, and it’s healthier for you anyway. And there are some awesome gluten free beers out there that I enjoy, like Omission.

But when you get all kinds of snooty with me because of my diet choices, and then rant about how you don’t eat this or that or the other thing that I do eat which is actually COMPLETELY NORMAL to eat… like certain vegetables, or fruits, or I don’t know SEAFOOD… then yeah. I have an issue. But because I like you as a friend, aside from this one glaringly obvious flaw, I’ll suffer in silence. I’ll keep the peace and not say anything to your face about it.

But don’t think I won’t rant about you on my blog.


4 thoughts on “It’s A Food Thing: Eating For My Health, not yours.

  1. Ashlie Wagner says:

    I totally understand what you mean…What Gluten does to you, in a sense, carbs do to me. My body processes carbs differently than the average person. So yeah, while people are downing low fat/fat free stuff, I’m over here eating bacon, guacamole and pork rinds like a boss….because that’s how MY body works. I wish I could eat normal people food & not have any problems, but I can’t… It’s one of those things where everyone is different & tell them to stfu.

    • jljohnson says:

      Exactly, Ash. It’s like… really? You are really going to criticize me for getting a healthy for Jamie option?

      Healthy is what’s healthy for YOU. Not the rest of the world.

  2. Tina G says:

    This made me laugh!!! We all made a silly choice or a foolish choice once in a while…but nothing is worse than a “pal” who gets on their high horse!!!

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