Hooray for May! And May’s Miles!

May officially started a few days ago, but working as a TV girl doing social media during sweeps, I totally blew past the first few days. It was all kinds of posts about breaking news and tough news and sleep and producing. So I made sure that I made my plans to start May’s Miles today.

I’ve been setting myself up for disaster lately, and I’m admitting it: I don’t have the focus or the determination to do A LOT all at once. I really wanted to do running and Insanity at the same time but I couldn’t really do it for more than a few days without feeling tired, worn out, and just defeated.

So that’s where May’s Miles comes in.

The mileage is low, and manageable. It’s the same every week, and is something that can easily be done either before or after work. It won’t take up too much time and it will help me jump back on the training plan I want.

Remember when I said once you make a firm, conscious decision to do something, the rest comes easy? I kind of feel like I am FINALLY there. I know what I want, I have goals I want to reach, and I’m making sure both my fitness plan and my diet are fitting into that. I noticed the change in myself when I started to skip over soda for coffee or MiO with caffeine in it, and less snacks that are fried and sugared up… now it’s almonds, banana chips, Clif bars and the like. I noticed it on my Saturday overnight. While I did get a soda, I didn’t finish it… and I got healthier foods.

My body is telling my mind to get the F(*K on board already, and I think my mind is finally catching up.

I didn’t anticipate for it to be this hard to get back into the swing of things. I expected to just jump right in and do it and be all super skinny and hotness by now, but I guess things don’t always work out that way. I’m thrilled that Summer Running is where my refocus is starting to show because summer running is TOUGH and if I can get through that, then fall running when the temps drop? Piece of cake.

So, here’s the plan:

Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: 3 miles
Saturday: REST (WITH A NAP)
Sunday: 5 miles

I don’t have any speed work planned right now, more because Kat can’t run with me yet, and after the epic swan dive of DOOM… Dreamboat doesn’t want me to run alone on the bridges. At least when I run here by the house by myself there are a ton of people around in case I decide to throw myself into the trees or something. 😉

I’m also restarting the lunge challenge. And I found a Batman Challenge that Brian is going to start today, and I will do that with him. It’s push-ups, climbers, squats, and planks. Easily added to the plan, and easily done if Brian does it too.

It’s been a bitch getting back to where I want to be, and I know the road ahead of me is long and hard and going to test me mentally… but if I can get my act together, make fitness a priority like it was pre-surgery (holy CRAP it’s almost been a year!!) I know I can drop some weight before August 27, which is when we are going to Texas for Brian’s best friend Kevin’s retirement from the military.

And when I MIGHT be running a half marathon. It looks like an epic race. 🙂


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