Last Week? That wasn’t much fun…

So last week was my first week with my new workout regime, and unfortunately it came with some epic fails. I missed Monday completely because I was busy with the family and friends, my running partner is on a “no running doctors orders” style recovery from her chest cold which is sounding more and more like pnemonia, and my motivation was faltering.

Throw in the epic body slam into the concrete I did on Wednesday during my train bridge repeats and the rest of the week sucked. But that was last week, and this week is new and I need to quit feeling sorry for myself and get out there and do this!

MONDAY: I was busy. Crazy busy. I got to the dentist at 9:45am for a broken filling… only to find out that they had a cancellation for a cleaning and *GASP* it had been TWO YEARS since my last cleaning. Oopsies. SO I get to sit in on that canceled appointment and get my teeth cleaned (with ONE cavity! In two years? I’ll take it) and then proceed to get my broken filling fixed. I walk out of the dentist at NOON. I head over to my parents house where my sister in law and my niece are and we decide we want to walk the mall for a bit. She’s pregnant and doing it in the humidity is not healthy, so the mall it is! We wait for my Mom to get home and then we head over to the mall, grab lunch and go for a walk until Ellie decides it’s temper tantrum time… which works out for me because I had an meeting with a client at 2:30pm. After that meeting, I go grocery shopping and then head over to my friend’s house to be with them after they put Clayton’s mother to rest. I wasn’t able to go to the funeral because I had a sinus infection and was contagious. So working out? Not high on the priority list… that meant catching up on Tuesday.

TUESDAY: First thing I did was hit the treadmill for a 4 mile run. It sucked, I got really hot from the run, but checked that off to being in a stuffy fitness center instead of outside where I usually run. I was honoring Brian’s request by staying indoors since my girl Kat couldn’t run with me. Then I went home and did the Insanity fit test. My fit test results were not what I hoped they would be, but of course I haven’t been working out as much as I used to so they shouldn’t be. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t bug me. It does. I want to be fit and fantastic and feel sexy all over. Using those numbers, however, will  motivate me to get out of bed and into the gym and working out hard. Motivation started!

WEDNESDAY: I wake up only to learn that Kat is not able to run for a WHILE. She has bruised her ribs, damaged her chest muscles, and more thanks to an insane bought of bronchitis. So off to run the bridge repeats alone… which is where my epic swan dive into the concrete happens. I was on my fourth repeat when something caught my eye to my right. I turned my head to look and as I was staring at the bright white concrete drain that was hidden the week before by brush, my toe catches something and I crash. My phone gets thrown as I try to catch myself from hitting the concrete heading downward and when I realize that I am not going to recover, I brace myself for the worst. My hands, my elbows, my knees and my pelvis all hit and slide on the bridge… because of course it’s going downward and that means I have to as well. I landed HARD. The first thing I did was look over my shoulder and make sure no one else was around, and thankfully I was alone (or maybe not thankfully.) I got up and immediately started to feel dizzy. Not good. I walked to a bench and sat there until the dizziness was gone. I texted Brian, Marisa, and Kat because I didn’t know what else to do being that I was alone. Once I was stable, I started walking to my car which was about a mile away. I was able to drive home fine, and went to work as usual, but there was most certainly no Insanity later that night being that my head hurt the entire day, I was overly tired, and wasn’t thinking straight. Friends said I should have gone to the hospital but really I just wanted to go home.

THURSDAY: I woke up hurting. Everything was aching. My elbow had a wonderful bruise on it that made putting it down on anything hurt, the scratch in my palm was still bleeding because it opened every time I did something, and my entire pelvis ached and was painful to the touch. Even the lightest of brushes seemed to make me cringe. I did Insanity, and did not run. Insanity hurt for the warm up, but after I was okay. I ended up wearing high waist, loose pants to work and just sitting at my desk made me want to cry. I was in serious achy pain. Needless to say, no running.

FRIDAY – SUNDAY: I don’t think I worked out, but I know I walked A LOT at OneSpark in downtown Jacksonville, ate lots of epic delicious food, and spent a lot of time resting these sore, beat up muscles. It was necessary.

MONDAY: Spent the day running my sister around as we got cars fixed and prepared for Passover, so no working out.

See? Life (and super klutzy falls) get in the way sometimes but I’m committed to my workouts and am serious about getting strong, fit and healthy! It’s already Wednesday and I’ve worked out and run and feel better for it. Thankfully my body is not so achy this week, despite the bruises still being visible. Ellie keeps asking to kiss my booboos which I graciously let her do. Hey, she’s 2 and a half, of course she thinks a kiss will fix my booboo elbow! 🙂

Anyway – I’ve been seeing a chiropractor since my epic body slam to the concrete and my back and my shoulder are finally coming back together. I jarred a lot of muscles in that fall, and thankfully none have affected my migraines. That would have been horrible! I do have to take it easy, and I’m not allowed to run the bridges for a while until I am able to run with a person.

Sorry this post took so long to get out to you, and that it’s so long. If you’ve made it to the end CONGRATS! I applaud you and promise more frequent posting. I do as good as I can. 🙂 For those of you who got to the end: Here’s a photo that I took after the epic swan dive fall. Sometimes Jacksonville is pretty.



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