Ready to get INSANE in April?

April is here and with it comes all kinds of crazy ideas of fitness and running that will hopefully kick my ass back into the fit life. Does that sound macho enough? I’m feeling kind of macho and tough after the Tour de Pain: Extreme (recap to come) and as I rest my weary muscles and achy ankle this week, I’m preparing for an insane April.

After all – jumping in with both feet to a packed workout schedule that includes Insanity, running, and a lunge challenge is kind of macho and tough.

Goals were not met for March, and while I feel like I am given a pass considering my two week (going on three) sinus infection and bronchitis battle took me out of it… I’m still super annoyed. I had plans for a lot of miles and hard work for March, including some good weight loss and other health improvements.

And now I feel like all I have been doing is giving out excuses. Granted, there were a lot of things out of my control that interfered with everything, but I really need to give up on all the excuses and really focus on making this happen. I want it to happen. I need it to happen.

And that’s where Insane April comes in.

I’ve been talking to a few Beachbody Coaches about how to make it work, got lots of good solid feedback and decided that it’s a totally doable goal. Miles in the morning, Insanity in the evening, lunges maybe at lunch. Keeping an even schedule, not pushing it hard on one or the other, and being realistic with my goals is key.

I’ll continue to do my speed work, but will take it easy on Insanity on those evenings. Only 4 miles max during the week when I am doing two-a-days until my body catches up with my head. And I will keep my long runs, but with a rest day with Insanity when I do. And if I feel tired and need a full rest day, there will be no harm or shame… there will be a rest day. For you should honor the rest day. 🙂

Also – a few weeks ago I had to have my blood drawn for a health assessment at work for my insurance. I was stressing it hard core, thinking that I would blow the scores and end up re-informed at how unhealthy I really was. I got those scores back today, and it seems like I am doing better than I thought. But one thing was bothering me among all the numbers listed and that’s my weight. Granted, I was weighed in while fully clothed, and the digital scale they used was on carpet, but the number has been seared into my head. 190. Since then, I got back on My Fitness Pal and started to track my calories. (You can find me as IdiotRunnerGirl) and since tracking, I’ve already dropped 2 lbs. Not a lot, but slow and steady wins more races than fast and furious.

My BP and cholesterol was also borderline high. When it comes to blood pressure, I kind of roll my eyes. I’m walking into a health assessment and am stressing the whole thing. Of COURSE my BP is going to be high. The cholesterol? That’s genetic, but the numbers are not that much past high so I think a diet change can bring them back down. I’m hoping that with all the working out and the calorie counting I can make some serious dents in my bad numbers.

So Insane April is officially starting today, but the work out portion will start on April 7. That will give me enough time to rest up my body from the insane race schedule (and sickness) that I have been pushing myself through and be ready at 100% for two-a-days. I have already started keeping track of food on MFP, and will be sure to give you NO EXCUSES this month.

Who’s with me? 🙂


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