So Much Tech, So Little Time

I was watching TV earlier this week, and to my surprise I saw a commercial for the new Nike+ FuelBand bracelet. It says that it will motivate you to move after not doing anything for 45 minutes, track your points, and other crazy stuff. I tested one of these out when I did the She Runs LA race a few years ago. I liked what it did, but I didn’t like the price tag ($149.)

And I’ve been begging Brian to buy me a FitBit. Not only will it track your fitness, it will track your sleep, has a silent wake alarm, and will sync over wireless. AND it plays with other apps like My Fitness Pal and Run Keeper. And the price is better at $129.99 for the Force version and  $99.95 for the Flex version..

But that got me thinking…. There is SO much tech out there for runners now between cool apps and fun new toys like these bracelets. I decided to sit down and really look at the ones I am interested in purchasing and (or already have purchased!)

I don’t actually own a lot of tech. I own a lot of tech shirts and some dry wick pants. I own a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s. I own a ton of head bands, only one wrist band I use as a snot rag, and only 5 pairs of socks. But I don’t own much tech wear when it comes to running.

Thankfully, I have an iPhone 5C, and unlimited data.


My current favorite fitness app is RunMeter. I adore this app with the pro upgrade. The tracking has been spot on, the little voice in my ear keeps me on track; I used the app for the Daytona Beach Half Marathon and it was awesome to have that little voice in my ear every quarter mile telling me my pace at that specific moment as well as overall. I love that with the pro upgrade, you can actually track how many miles you put on your shoes. And social media sites! I have it connected to my Twitter and my DailyMile accounts, so when I use the app to run, I never forget to log miles. Which I do. Constantly.


The newest fit app I’m addicted to is the FitSnap app. It allows you to create awesome photos that show your workouts on them. It comes with a ton of workouts to choose from (including Crossfit, you junkies!) and then there are two free designs to mark your photos – sporty and simple. In App purchases allow you to get things like half marathon designs, full marathon designs, running specific, yoga, ect. I haven’t purchased any yet, but I plan to. I usually use this to log my milage on Instagram, but you can share it on Facebook and Twitter too! It’s awesome!


And speaking of logging miles – do you have Electric Miles on your phone? If you have a dailyMile account, you should get Electric Miles. It’s an awesome back up to when you forget to turn on your RunMeter. (guilty!) it’s essentially the entire dailyMile program but in an app! You can look at your profile only, look at all of your friends, or look at all the profiles around you! A great way to make new friends! I love that when I am on the bike at the fitness center, I can check in, make comments on other friends workouts, and like some other comments as well.

When it comes to training watches, I don’t own any. But if I did… Here’s what I want:

Garmin Forerunner 210 is the watch I have my eye on. Sure there are other watches, but this one looks like it’s the easiest to use. It tracks pace, distance, heart rate, and time. And for those who want more, it allows you to customize it for pace and work outs like intervals. I really want this one (just not in pink!) but the $169 price tag makes me cringe. I’m hoping later I will be able to score one!

What are some of your tech gear that you rave about? Let me know in the comments! 🙂



One thought on “So Much Tech, So Little Time

  1. starpulp says:

    Oooh! I hadn’t heard of FitSnap App!! I’ll let you know how well it works for the CrossFit stuff. I”m skeptical about that. For running it’ll be good.

    Nike+ also lets you post your run to instagram using the app which is pretty cool.

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