A Release Of Pain: Migraine Check Up

I had an appointment with my neurologist this morning. Just a quick follow up to make sure that everything is working okay and all that after the surgery, but it was a good thing to have. I have been having headaches here and there, and I was concerned that I had done something to hurt my head and ruin the surgery.

Coming to her after two days of a headache, that may or may not be a migraine, just meant good timing.I told Dr. Doty that in the six months post surgery, I have had three or four noticeable headaches and one significant migraine. The migraine was an ocular migraine, one that happened over the front of my face and down to my eye. That was before the full marathon attempt. Other headaches have been different: not as painful, or as frequent.

Thankfully, Dr. Doty was able to calm my fears right away. It wasn’t something I did to ruin the surgery. The pain was significantly less severe, was in a completely different location, and the headaches lasted a significantly shorter amount of time. Clearly, not the same thing as when I had the “occipital neuropathy” and needed surgery. The surgery worked, and I haven’t had one of THOSE migraines since the surgery. Talk about a relief. Also, as she pointed out, if I am able to use things like Advil to kill the headaches, then they aren’t the same thing.

Well… yeah. That’s true. *kicks dirt*

She said that this shows that there is an underlying issue that is there that may causing the headaches I’ve been feeling, and that it might be a chemical thing. We are going to have to “retrain my brain” on how it reacts and to make sure things are good. I’m also back on some of my previous medications, as needed for headaches. Prescription strength Naproxen and a refill of my Maxalt for emergencies. We are back to three month intervals to determine what kind of chemical imbalance could be causing the new round of headaches.

It’s going to be tough, but I’m down for the challenge. Bring it on, head. 🙂


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