….is this thing on?

Two weeks went by in a blur of trial stuff, running, emotional roller coasters, and turmoil. I remember getting to work early to do social coverage for the Michael Dunn trial and going home late only to fall asleep on the couch a short thirty minutes later. Dreamboat would wake me up and tell me to go to bed, which I would. And then his alarm would go off at 4:45am and I’d get up grumbling as I threw on running gear and headed out to run before work only to start the whole process over again.

Throw in an 8 hour manager’s meeting, extra shifts because of the stupid trial (I won’t lie. I was into it,) lots of tension between me and the Dreamboat and a Half Marathon in Daytona, I found myself ready for a melt down. Or a break down. Or a black out and sleep for a thousand years… down. (only to get to do it again when they decide on the date for the new trial for Michael Dunn’s first count of Murder)

Whatever, my point is – this thing destroyed two weeks of my life and I’m ready to be back in action. I have a list of posts that were supposed to be done and I promise they will make it out there over the next few days. I have missed you guys and hope that you missed me too.

Welcome to the world of the Idiot Runner Girl who works in television news. Thanks for being patient. 🙂


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