Random Thoughts from Jamie

There are three things from last week that I remember clearly: The Olympics officially started, the Michael Dunn trial started and is super heated to watch, and I ran really early in the morning. Really early. As in at 5:30am I was pounding the pavement.

That is SO early in the morning for me. But I’m starting to enjoy it.

I’ve been getting up and running with my girl Kat this past week for most of the week. We missed a few days here and there for reasons, but I noticed that running that early in the morning – for me – gives me a chance to do longer runs before work, get the squats and plank done, and still have time so that I’m not rushing to get ready for work after I work out.

Sundays are our long runs, and I missed it yesterday due to a migraine, and that sucked royally. Today, I woke up with one as well, but was able to burn it off with a long hot shower and some advil. Later today, I plan to go hit the pavement for 2-3 easy miles, some yoga, and my squats/plank.

But really – I’m starting to enjoy getting up early to run. Not that I am a friendly face in the morning. I am usually silent, or grunting an answer out to Dreamboat as he makes sure I am moving or to Kat when she texts me to make sure I am awake. But by the time we get out there to run, I’m feeling awake and slightly more focused. By the time we are done, I feel refreshed and satisfied. It’s a great feeling.

I’m not running as consistently as I want yet, but that will come. I feel stronger in each run I do, even if Kat makes me slow down because she knows I’m going to fast; that my body can’t keep up with the pace my legs want to go. I feel stronger and slowly I’m getting back to the old me.

Now if I can just get my diet to follow suit. haha! 🙂 

I have the Daytona Beach Half Marathon this weekend. I’m excited about it because not only does it start and finish on the NASCAR track, but there are also drivers who will be running it as well. I plan on grabbing some photos with them if they are available. I have to figure out which tutu I am going to wear too! 🙂

In other news – I adore the Olympics and am stoked that they are going on. I’ve been watching them any chance I get. That is, when I’m not tracking the Dunn trial. Which is taking up SO. MUCH. TIME. I know I have to work out before work because after work I’m so exhausted that working out is just not an option. I love it, though.

If you get a chance – go watch the Olympics for the Reebok Underdog commercial. It’s amazing and I adore it and it’s not on youtube so I can’t share it. I want to do that commercial. 🙂



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