S’long, January – Hello, February!

So did everyone survive the crazy winter weather that plagued the south? It was horrific if you ask me. Atlanta was completely screwed up and parts of Florida actually got snow. It was insane.

Last week also hosted the State of the Union, and the start of February sweeps – which, for those who don’t know, is when we put out our best of the best stories and shows and whatnot to get the best ratings we can for advertising status… and for bragging rights – so I promise you, I didn’t mean to ignore you. It’s just been absolutely crazy. I swear last week I was at work more than home, and awake for far too long.

And then suddenly, as if out of no where… it was February. So when did that happen?January came and went in a blur, and now I am sitting here looking back at the goals I had set for myself for the month. Did I make them all? No. But I got a GREAT start for the year and that’s what really matters.

January Goals
* Run according to plan – Did not finish.
* Squat Challenge – Did not finish.
* Plank Challenge – REALLY did not finish.
* Yoga at least 3x a week – Nope.
* Lose 5 lbs – CLOSE! I dropped 4 lbs.
* One vegetarian meal a day (lunch) – 80% YES.
* Soda only on Saturdays – YES.
* Start going back to Gluten Free eating – YES

Looking over my January goals and I feel content, even though I didn’t make them all. I feel better because I am eating healthier now than I had, including with cutting back on the soda and making healthier meal choices. I am also happy to see that despite my half assed workouts in January (I literally ran ONLY 27 miles last month) I still was able to drop a few pounds.

So that leads into planning some goals for the month of love – February. đŸ™‚


February is filled with a bunch of different plans. I have a running partner again (Hi, Kat! or Kate as she goes by now that she’s an adult) and we plan on hitting it every morning. Early. Really early. Way too early for either of us, but when it comes to getting the fitness on, you do what you gotta do.


She and I are going to run together, plank challenge, and squat challenge. It’s so much easier when you have someone depending on you to get out of bed that early. No matter how much I don’t want to, I refuse to let Kat down. So I get up with Brian when his alarm goes off at 4:45am (!!!!) and meet Kat by 5:30 and we run.


Mondays – rest
Tuesdays – 4 miles
Wednesday – Bridges Run (usually between 3-5 miles)
Thursday – 4 miles
Friday – 3 miles
Saturday – Rest (thanks, job!)
Sunday – Long Run

Craziness, right? We think so too. But we keep each other in check and doing the running before work allows us to have the evenings free for husband and family time, dates with friends, and an Epsom salt bath or a bath with a LUSH bath bomb if needed.

Also on my list? Vitamins. Vegetarian meals. Lose more weight. Another book.
So there is February! I’m hoping that with a cleaner diet and a lot more working out I’ll be able to pull some serious weight loss and great increase on fitness and see some more improvement.

Here’s a recap?


February Goals* Stick to fitness plan
* Lose 5 lbs this month
* Vegetarian meal daily
* Eat (or drink) breakfast
* Take a vitamin!
* Finish a book this month.

And for fun, here is me in Dreamboat’s Batman snuggie, trying to feel better before heading out to Superbowl stuff.



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