3 Things I’m Doing Wrong and the 2 Things I’m Doing Right

Three things I’m doing WRONG –

I don’t eat breakfast. It’s one of those epic rules that we know should never be broken. You should always, always, ALWAYS eat breakfast. Studies show that if you eat something healthy first thing in the morning, you’ll be kick starting your metabolism and your system and you tend to eat less over the course of the day. For me, though… I’m just not hungry in the morning after I run. I usually make a cup of coffee (or two) and sip on that while showering and getting ready for work… and by the time I’m here and it’s 10am, I’m starving.

I usually then make great decisions and grab fruit, or hummus or something else equally as nutritious to nosh on before lunch, but I know that if I had just eaten something like a couple of scrambled eggs, or a piece of GF toast or whatever while I sipped on my coffee, I’d not be starving and eating significantly more than necessary because I was in “feed me now” mode.  Making this a priority going forward is the best step! Having morning bread options that are GF (bread or english muffins or waffles) and easily made can make this work. I know that Vans makes a delicious GF waffle that can be covered with peanut butter, pumpkin butter, or apple preserves because I used to do that. Add in a hard boiled egg and a slice of cheese, and that’s a good, substantial breakfast right there.

I’m not drinking enough water. I am a HUGE fan of those sippy tumbler cups that have the straw in the top. I have a purple one in love with running half marathons, I have an orange one with a seahorse and my name from the wedding I was in, and I have a green “Keep Calm and Chive On” one because of reasons. I also own tons of big, plastic cups in funky designs and sayings INCLUDING three from my sorority. So why is it so hard to remember to grab these things and fill them full of water from time to time and drink up? I’m not really sure.

But after a late night coughing fit that left me guzzling water because my throat was dry, I realized that so were my lips… and so was my skin… and that’s just not cool. I need to remember to start drinking lots of water every day! I used to drink so much of it! With the new addition of the Market Place at my job where they have fresher, better foods and drink options brought in every other day, it should get easier. They now carry SmartWater upstairs too! I love this stuff! Water infused with electrolytes? Count me in. So now, I plan on drinking at least one bottle of water a day to make it so that I am dehydrated no more.

I’m not managing my time correctly. I wanted to get up early every day and work out before work. I wanted to blog every other day. I wanted to eat a veggie meal every day and I wanted to snuggle with the Dreamboat every evening. But the best laid plans are always challenged and sometimes we do that to ourselves. I’ve been slammed at work (in fact, I probably should be working right now…) and trying to motivate myself to do everything I set out to do but I’m also tired and that sucks. Life happens, and sometimes it keeps you from doing everything that you want to do. I’m still working on getting my timing for everything back to where it needs to be, and I know it isn’t going to happen overnight, but I do need to make more of an effort to get the things I need done, done.

And for the things I am doing right?

I reach out for support. Friends, family, even complete strangers; I reach out and ask for support in this adventure back to health and fitness. It most certainly isn’t easy, but with people motivating me to not give up and to remind me where I’m coming from (“You just had HEAD SURGERY and your Dad is fighting cancer. You’re allowed.”) it’s easier to deal with the let downs of not doing the speeds that I want, or missing a workout or reminding me that sometimes, life just happens. It’s always nice to know that even if I didn’t run today, I’m still doing awesome things to make myself healthy… and having a complete stranger look at me and say “You are amazing” makes it… Just makes it. So yeah, thanks to you guys for keeping me on point.

When in doubt, do something else. So I can’t run because of some random reason that ends up being not important. What can I do instead? Before I used to just throw my hands up and say “oh, well” missed my workout… but now I don’t. Can’t run? There’s a bike. And an elliptical. Dance music and boogie for 30 minutes. Run the stairs of my condo, which I have learned that I totally love. Use the Nike Training app on my phone, or the Insanity videos on my laptop. There are so many different things that we can do, and I’m stoked to branch out and see what else there is. And did you know that sometimes cross training can make your running BETTER? Even as a born again newbie like me. 🙂


One thought on “3 Things I’m Doing Wrong and the 2 Things I’m Doing Right

  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom says:

    Awesome 🙂 I LOVE breakfast. It’s actually my favorite part of the day and I feel wonky and off all day if I don’t eat breakfast. I’m pretty good about drinking water…but since I’ve been sick, it’s hard for me to decide to drink water. But, I’m doing it because I know my body needs it. Congrats on all you’ve been doing and recognizing your shortcomings. I think that’s something hard for all of us to do as humans.

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