The past two weeks have been busy. Lots of work stuff keeping me busy, lots of Dad stuff keeping me distracted. I was also running really hard and in turn… kinda hurt myself. I say kinda because I’m not sure I really did. Everyone I’m talking to about it says that I am just overdoing it and need to “slow down” and “take it easy.”

Have these people met me before at all!?

I hadn’t been sticking to the plan I set forth for myself. Many people have looked at it and said that I need to cut myself some slack, that it’s too much for someone who is bouncing back from surgery, and that I need to give myself some time. It’s a hard pill to swallow. I almost feel like I’m admitting defeat in doing so.

But then on a random run last Thursday night, when I had such sharp pain in my shin and to the side of my shin on my right leg that running was more painful than fun, I realized that maybe they were right.

I talked to Richard Nunn, a meteorologist at WJXT and our resident running guru, about the injury and he said to take it easy, slow down, and let my body catch up with me. I hated that answer. But then walking up the stairs that night to get into the condo, feeling that sharp pain as my foot hit the step, I figured maybe he was right.

I took the rest of the week off, and now – while still kinda twingy and achy – I’m ready to jump back into it and refocus. I’ve redone my schedule to include two rest days instead of just one for now, and I am restarting the plank challenge and the squat challenge as well. I really want to focus on getting myself back to running every day but maybe Richard is right – I need some time to let my body catch up with me and re-learn how to run.

Who knew #BeastModeRemake was going to take this much work!? I just want to be fit and healthy again! 🙂

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