Well, that’s ONE kind of motivation…

I was flipping through the mail this morning when I was getting ready to head into work early when I saw it. I knew it was coming, my job emailed me and warned me that it was going to be heading my way. But seeing that flier meant one thing, and one thing only: Wellness Assessment time.

With our new insurance policy at work, we have to have a once a year wellness assessment. They take blood and run tests on your BP, Glucose, Triglycerides, cholesterol and BMI. They also check for nicotine. Thankfully, I have until May to get the test done.

Why you ask?

I know my cholesterol is going to be an issue. Even at my lightest weight, it was high. It’s a heredity thing: when heart disease runs in your family, some precursor issues are known to happen in their children. For me, it’s the cholesterol. I’m also concerned about my BMI. Right now, I don’t know what it is, but I know that it’s over 30. I’m pretty sure it was ALWAYS over 30. The form wanted it to be UNDER 30. Well then.

Nothing motivates you to get off your ass quicker than an additional $600 per person per year on your health benefits.

I’ve already been pretty motivated to get back into shape, and I have been doing a pretty great job at it. I’ve been cleaning up my diet (cutting back on soda, eating healthier meals, cutting out more gluten) and focusing on my workouts (this week, if I do the rest of my work outs, I’ll get about 20 miles in this week) but having something like this is always a reminder to really buckle down and get to it. And why not get healthy? You slim down, your skin looks better, you feel better and have more energy… what’s not to love?

….but here’s the thing. Is charging people upwards of $600 per person per year MORE in insurance enough to motivate them to get into shape and make healthier choices?

Unfortunately – no. I know plenty of people who have responded that they will refrain from smoking long enough to pass the test, and then return to their cigarettes. I know people who are taking this wellness assessment and thinking “Well, fine. I’ll just do the online tests and go from there.” When I tell them that they aren’t online tests, they shrug and say “whatever” and walk away.

Some people are trying to get themselves under control. I know a few people I work with had high cholesterol; one went on meds, and the other started eating oatmeal every day… and suddenly the number was cut in half. (It took a year for the oatmeal to work, but that’s motivation enough for me)

I think if you have someone who is looking for that one push to make them get off their butts and make the necessary changes, kind of like I am, then it will work. But for the vast majority who are completely happy living the life they are living, they will eat the extra $50 a person per month and take it on the chin (but complain about it later on) because they just don’t want to change. And that’s okay for them, if they skip the complaining part.

But if they DO complain… it will take an interesting amount of restraint to keep from telling them to shut up.

Have you gotten this assessment requirement through your insurance? If so, are you prepared for the results, or are you like me: looking for a later date so you have some time to brush up on your numbers? Tell me in the comments!


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