A Release of Pain: 5 Months Later

I knew this date was coming; last week I kept looking at the calendar and wondering just how soon it would be. Five days, four days, you get the idea. Counting down to when it would officially be 5 months post surgery so I could smile, breath easy and know that I am still okay.

Then earlier today, after sleeping in and cleaning out the pantry (we easily have 15 boxes of pasta – only 5 or 6 of them gluten free.. and really? cheez – its from 2012?!) I sat in front of YouTube to be lazy and goof off. That’s when I randomly looked at my phone and realized… whoa. It’s been 5 months TODAY.

And look how far I have come!

Right now, I can feel most of my head. The area around the incision is still a little numb, but for the most part it’s good. My head has ached terribly with the drastic changes that the Florida weather has been experiencing, but with some Advil and some rest, I’ve been okay.

I have had two known migraines in the past 5 months. That part sucked. One was right before the full I ended up not finishing (it was an ocular migraine) and another one that was at the back of my head. The ocular migraine was horrible, being a new pain that I hadn’t felt before and I crashed and took a Maxalt. The other one from the back of my head I was able to take Advil and some caffeine and I was okay.

When they told me it would take this long to recover, I scoffed at them. I didn’t really think it would take this long to get back on the road to fitness, but they were right. I did need the almost 5 months of hit and miss running before I could really focus on getting back to healthy because while it was a minor surgery, my body has a shock to it and needed time to heal.

The rest of this month is focused on getting back to tip top shape. I know that while I have most of the feeling in my head back that I’m not fully healed yet: I still have some numbness and I still have some achyness that comes with the change of temperatures and sometimes when I wake up…But I went from 20 plus days a month with migraines, and I’m down to maybe 3 days TOTAL in 5 months.

Win/Win baby. Win/Win.

One Week Post Surgery

One Week Post Surgery

5 Months Post Surgery

5 Months Post Surgery


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