First Week Back – Sleepy Time!

I started the week off strong and ready to go. I was running strong, eating healthy, and doing better than I had been, but come to the end of the week… all that went down hill. Instead, I was sleeping a lot, fighting head aches, and feeling like a truck hit me.

Did anyone catch the tag on that thing? I think it backed over me trying to see that it hit me, and then hit me again.

There is just something about knowing you are taking time off that gives your mind permission to tell your body that it’s okay to fall a little bit. With no real responsibilities, no vacation plans, no certain things needing to be done… my mind knew that come 6:30pm on Thursday evening it was going to be 4 days of nothing but sleep and rest and refocusing and to sound like a hippy – recentering.

I was exhausted when I left work on Thursday, knowing that it was going to end up a rest day thanks to a late night bridges run with Kat the night before. I went to hang out with a few friends that night after work and went home relatively early (for someone who didn’t have to work in the morning) but when I woke up Friday morning I had a full on headache.

I remember stumbling out of bed to grab the Advil, popped three of them with a tall glass of water, and then went right back to bed until almost 10am, knowing that I was going to visit Kat at her school for lunch at 11:15. When I got moving, my head still hurt. That means no running. (a lesson I learned in the migraine days: no running with head pain for me. It could lead to a blackout that no one wants) After lunch with her, I came home and settled down on the couch for a Leverage marathon that included surfing YouTube like the fangirl I am for Burn Notice videos. I slept a bit. I stayed in PJs the rest of the day until I went to a girls night out that also ended up being a PJ party. I got home late Friday night… or early if you will… and slept till 11am on Saturday. I then proceeded to get up, move to the couch, and sleep some more while Brian surfed the DVR. Catching on to the trend?

Needless to say, I caught the drift my body was telling me. I decided to take it easy today as well… sleeping in a bit, being lazy in bed, visiting my parents (my poor Dad…) and then coming home to do absolutely nothing again. Tomorrow I’m going to head out and grab a 3-4 mile run, but not early since it’s my day off.

Brian has been asking me why I am so tired. So have my parents and a variety of other friends. I don’t have one specific reason, to be honest… because it’s a combination of a lot of things. You heard me complain about my roller coaster schedule at the station. Add to that my Dad being sick (he spent the week between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve in the hospital,) my in laws being in town for the holiday, the holiday period, the DNF… it all adds up.

Friday and Saturday where I slept for most of the time, or was just absolutely lazy was some of the more relaxed I have been in months. Today has been pretty lazy as well, even given my Dad’s new health conundrum. But being relaxed is what it’s about. My Mom made a comment to me that I looked better after the past few days off from work. I have a ways to go to get back to the happy go lucky, not stressed out Jamie that we all love and adore, but for now I’ll take what I can get.

Monday I am back at it. I told Brian that next week would be more solid in my training and whatnot, and he seems skeptical. But the truth is, the days off I’ve had did exactly what I needed them to, and that was give me a break. I’m tired and sleeping a lot because my body and my mind are exhausted from all the emotional roller coasters I’ve been on.

I knew the moment I went to my supervisor and said I needed a weekend off that it was going to be super lazy and super sleepy and just filled with a lot of nothing. I have no guilt about taking the necessary time needed to feel better and to do stuff with my family right now. Tomorrow, however, is the start of a new week and that means we are back at it. Only this time, with a much clearer head and a more energetic running body thanks to almost 48 hours of sleep. 🙂


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