2014 Goals and Aspirations

I don’t believe in resolutions. Resolutions seem to be too easy to be broken, and to strict and unchangeable. I like goals. Goals can be molded and altered as the time goes, working with every kind of problem that could arise or you know… whatever. I like goals. And I meant to have my goals all planned out before the passing of 2013 but it didn’t work out that way.

However, that’s why my “new year, new you” thing doesn’t start officially until Sunday when I get my ass in gear.


This morning, Brian and I slept in. We shut off all of our alarms and slept in for the first time in a long time. At about 9am, we got up to go to the bathroom and then got right back into bed and curled up together. An hour later, we got up and we discussed some new years stuff. How to prepare yourself for something that you know is coming, how to get back in the habits we used to have, how to have more open communication this year… things like that. When it came to fitness, it was a slightly touchy topic since the DNF.

I mapped out my fitness plan for the next three months last week when I was here at work and forgotten about. No, really, they forgot I was even there. When I showed my plan to a couple of friends (Marisa and Kat, respectively) they both questioned my lack of rest days. I scoffed at it, and said that I have specific goals in mind that I want to reach and need to make to make myself feel better. Then, in a discussion about running with a non-runner – Dawn – she told me I was crazy for running so much. AND THEN Dreamboat mocked me.

“Did you not just give Marisa shit for not having any rest days?” he asked me this morning as we were folding laundry. Check that, I was folding laundry, he was flinging my clean clothes at me so he could get to his clean clothes.

“She’s trying to break some records, I’m just trying to fit back into half of my wardrobe and get my fitness back,” I said, getting frustrated that he was tossing my clothing.

“You need rest days,” he said.

“I said that I would take them on Saturdays given my schedule if I felt like I need them!” I said. He shook his head.

“Just make them your rest days. You are shit after work anyway, and that way you don’t have to be disappointed when you skip them all,” he said as he left the room. I fumed and bristled…but he was right. I needed to take those rest days. I am still healing and am getting back into running from essentially nothing, I have a lot going on in my life right now, and I just need to focus on doing it right.

My goals for 2014 were hard to get right. Mainly because this year I’m doing three sets of goals. I’m doing what my goals are over the year, what my fitness goals are, and then I want to do month to month goals of what I want to accomplish. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Having smaller, monthly goals can help you get those bigger goals that are so hard to nail. For example – wanting to just list “Lose 50 lbs” is overwhelming and you start to get anxiety about everything you eat…but if you say “Lose 50 lbs” as your main goal, but have a “Lose 5 lbs” as a monthly goal, then suddenly it’s not so overwhelming.

So below are my 2014 goals, my fitness goals, and my January goals. I’ve also taken a photo of my January fitness plan and shared it with you. I encourage you to share your fitness/yearly/monthly goals here or on the Facebook page so we can motivate and push each other.

Let’s make 2014 our year.


2014 Goals* Down 20 lbs by my birthday, 155 by end of the year
* Solid and consistent training – back to healthy
* Consistent blogging plan – for IRG as well as a personal, professional blog.
* Stress less – live more
* Learn to have more open communication: stop saying yes to everything, answer honestly
* Take care of me – (vitamins, consistent grooming, clean my place, ect)

Fitness Goals
* back to 11 minute miles by summer
* 2:30 half marathon (October? November?)
* 33 minute 5k // 30 minute 5k
* Lift more – tone arms and legs
* Stretch more – sun salutations every day
* Another full marathon attempt (When?)
* Get myself physically and mentally prepared for 35 races in 2015 for my 35th birthday

January Goals
* Run according to plan
* Squat Challenge
* Plank Challenge
* Yoga at least 3x a week
* Lose 5 lbs
* One vegetarian meal a day (lunch)
* Soda only on Saturdays
* Start going back to Gluten Free eating



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