Planning my New Year goals

I’ve been so busy with work and life that I feel like I’ve been neglecting everything personal and important to me at the same time. It’s been bumming me out, too. I know I’m not alone though. December is always filled with holiday parties, family obligations, shopping, wrapping presents, working twice as hard to get out early, daydreaming of a white Christmas, you know… typical December life.

In between all of that, and more, I’ve been thinking about my New Year’s goals. Yes, goals. Not resolutions, which are easier to break. Goals are things that take longer to make happen and are more flexible than a resolution. Plus, goals can grow. Once you hit one goal, you can expand it to something bigger and better.

There are so many goals I have for the new year that will hopefully get me back to where I want to be… and so many things that are making me wonder if my ideas and goals are too big to be achieved.

I haven’t finalized the list yet. But, when I do I will share them with you… I’m just curious. What are some of yours? What goals do you have for the new year? If+your+dreams+don't+scare+you+they+are+not+big+enough




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