Who plans these things!?

Since announcing that my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, I’ve been on the hunt for any race that would have the raised money go toward research for the disease. And thanks to one of my Facebook followers I found one! The Fight for Air Climb is hosted by the American Lung Association at the Bank of American Tower right here in Jacksonville. 42 fights of stairs. My sister has agreed to do the climb with me, and I’ve opened it up to whoever else wants to join me.

I’m excited because this one… this one is important.

And then one of my co-workers told me that it’s the same weekend as the Wolfson Children’s Hospital 55 mile ultra marathon, now known as the Wolfson Children’s Challenge. The same ultra marathon that leaves me captain of the WJXT team… who does it in relay.

Shit. Well, this leaves me in a pickle.

Eric, one of my close friends and running buddies, let me know about the fact that they have the same dates this morning. At first I was frustrated as all get out, and then after thinking about it, I already knew what I was going to do. Even Eric suggested it as I thought about it. I’ll just do both. Just… not at the same time.

The Fight for Air is done in 30 minute increments starting at 8am and is 42 flights of stairs. The Ultra marathon relay usually starts at 4am or 5am and is done in 5 mile increments. If I was feeling ballsy and epic, I could run a lap and then book it over to the Bank of America building to do my stairs, and then back to the Ultra to do another lap. But that’s if I was feeling ballsy and epic. Which I’m not, right this second. (later, maybe…)

So instead, I think what I’ll do is run one lap either before or after the stairs, depending on what time the stair climb will be for my sister and I. And I won’t be able to captain the team. I’ll have to talk to Eric or Christi to see if they can do it. As captain, I was the one who was the go between from WJXT and Woflson’s, I organized who brought what, I made sure everything was in a nice order, got the banner, all of that. Now, it’ll have to go to someone else.

Because I have to fight for air for my Dad.


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