IRG has been busy

So, tell me if you heard this one –

A massive fire, a cruise wedding, a wedding anniversary, and Halloween Horror Nights all walk into a bar…

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t really making a joke. But the truth is all those things have happened in the past week. There was a massive fire that kept me at work late, I went on a cruise wedding for my friends Ryan and Dawn with super expensive wifi so… no wifi, my Dad has cancer and is now getting chemotherapy, and I went to HHN23 on a whim because my sister bribed me with a ticket to get in.

And yes – there was running as well.

FIRST: The massive fire. This massive, two alarm fire that started in the middle of the night and destroyed an up and coming hotel that was supposed to bring in lots of tourism. They are saying it’s from an electrical system shorting out, but what I do know is that it caused a lot of flames, a lot of smoke, and a lot of wasted time that I could have spent getting ready for the cruise. It’s okay, though. I still made it to the cruise alive!

WHICH BRINGS US TO: the Cruise Wedding! So I leave covering the massive fire to the next crew and head home to get the rest of my stuff done for the cruise wedding. I’m so excited for this vacation, it’s silly. I get home, finish packing, and then we load up the car. We drop a friend off at work, grab some gas and a car wash, visit the ‘rents, and then head out to pick up the Bride and Groom. Flash forward 24 hours, and we are on the boat watching Ryan and Dawn commit their lives to each other. The wedding was short, sweet, incredibly intimate and hilarious if you were standing close enough to hear them whispering back and forth. Dreamboat was the best man, I was the MOH, so we heard every word.

Then the cruise – short and sweet, but full of laughter, alcohol, and lots of fun. We went to Freeport (which I so want to go to again. it was BEAUTIFUL) and we went to Nassau (eh, it’s alright) and spent one day at sea. At first I wasn’t certain how traveling with the Bride and Groom was going to be – I mean, it WAS their honeymoon – but it ended up being so much fun that we are already planning next year’s fall vacation… only this time, less boat (Dawn got seasick super easily) and more all inclusive. Mexico anyone!?

We worked out twice on the cruise. The first time I ran one mile (13.30, BOO!) and did the elliptical for one mile. Then the second time, I did the elliptical because it had a 5k programed into it… and it didn’t do this stop go stop go thing like the treadmill did when I ran on it. They need to tighten the belts or something.

You can see photos here. It’s an open album so the bride and groom can add photos too, so you will see a lot of stuff that isn’t me and Dreamboat. But they are still fun to look at!

THAT LEADS TO: Our 5 year anniversary! YAY DREAMBOAT AND I! We made it to 5 years! Our wedding anniversary was last Friday, and I had the rest of the weekend off. Brian had to work, which sucked, but when he got home we went to Total Wine and did their tasting, then snatched up some goodies: we found the Bahamian beer we had at the islands called Sands, grabbed some pumpkin beer for me, some hard cider and then a couple of bottles of wine from the tasting. Then, because we are celebrating 5 years, we went to Sticky Fingers for dinner. It was the same place that catered out wedding, and enjoyed the same menu we had. It was great.

SURPRISE TRIP TO ORLANDO for HHN23! Heather called me on Saturday, BEGGING me to come down to Orlando and go to Halloween Horror Nights with her. I said I’d consider it, given how much we spent on the cruise. Then she said she’d buy my ticket. That’s all it took. My favorite house was The Walking Dead, with a tight second of Evil Dead. I hated the Werewolf house. Yes – I screamed. But when things jump out at you, of course you scream. But it was unrealistic. We had a few drinks, ate some treats, and then walked home. In flip flops that were wet. NOT COOL. I have awful blisters now, but the trip was fun.

That’s all the good news.
Now the bad news.
Ready for this?

My Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. My dad, who is also a heart patient, has lung cancer. It’s almost been a month now and he has already had his first chemo treatment, which he is not doing well with. I’m in the process of putting together a Facebook page and a blog for him, at his request. I’m also looking at different races that raise money for lung cancer and lung diseases as well as heart diseases now.

It’s been rough already, lots of tears and anger and frustration – but it’s brought my immediate family closer because of it. I found a cancer support group that I am going to try and get my family to start going to, if not all together – separately. We need this kind of support, my MOM needs this kind of support. It will be hard to stay positive, but we need to fight through it.

And if you know of any lung cancer runs/walks/stair climbs whatever let me know. I’m going to start doing all of them.

That’s it. That has been my past few weeks. It’s been crazy highs and crazy lows…. and NO MIGRAINES so that’s a plus. Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy time, hell — this CRAZY year. It’s been insane. But no matter what, I am getting the fitness in. It needs to happen. Because the best way to take care of everyone else, is to make sure you are strong first. Right?

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming….


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