IRG’s First Long Run post surgery

There were a lot of things working against me: I was up for 23 hours before the said run, I had a lot of beer before the said run, I didn’t eat nearly enough to attempt a 9 mile run… and I hadn’t run in three months, so the idea of jumping into a 9 miler was not the brightest idea I had. In fact it was rather stupid.

But I wanted to test my body, and see how well I was doing and figure out where I really was physically. And the only way to do that is to jump right in and go and see. So early Sunday morning – and by early I mean at eh, roughly 10 am – Dreamboat and I filled a plastic bag full of gels and water bottles and headed out to run.

IMG_8704We ran our usual routes. The first four heading down away from the main road, around where the Dave and Busters lives, around some business buildings (the St. Johns and Partners building is giant and mirrored) and then back down to the front of our complex. It’s about 4.25 according to RunMeter, and it felt good! I did have to go slow, and my head ached some. I took off the headband I had on because it was putting too much pressure on my head and I didn’t care for it, and when I took it off the nerve THROBBED violently. That wasn’t fun.

By the time we finished, it was HOT. This is October right? And we were just going through a temp drop right? Clearly the world had missed the memo, because it was high 80s, no breeze, no clouds, and hot sun. I was dying. When we broke for our pit stop, I IMG_8676drank down half a bottle of water, swallowed some gatorade and ate 3 Chomps Chews. (Strawberry is yummy!!!)

“I’m tempted to call it quits now, and just call it,” I said to Dreamboat.

“No. You started this, you are going to finish it. It’s not about time,” He said. “Your body wants to give up, but your mind will keep it going. Just finish it.”

So we set off again. This time, we went toward Southside Blvd, which is an incredibly busy road, and down to Old Baymeadows. I had to walk a lot. It sucked, but it was hot and I stopped sweating, and I couldn’t get air in. I knew exactly what it was: dehydration and the start of heat stroke. After my last experience of that, I knew I had to stop running and walk back to the IMG_8705condo. When we got there, I guzzled down one full bottle of gatorade and one full bottle of water before we walked into the condo, then finished a third and grabbed a fourth.

Mental note: Drink more liquid on hot days.

When we finished running, I stopped the app and didn’t bother to look at it. It wasn’t until I was laying in the middle of my living room under the air conditioner that I took a moment to look at it. As I grabbed my phone, I laughed at my husband.

“Hey, babe… I’m sweating again,” I said as I opened my phone. He shouted “Good!” as he walked way and started the shower. I read the numbers on the front of the RunMeter app and frowned. Not only did I NOT get 9 miles in, I also did it in a significantly slow time. But you know what? I got in a lot of miles, even if I had to walk the last three. And I was able to prove to myself that while my speed is not where I want it to be (Hello, Idiot… you just had three months off for SURGERY) I was able to get the miles done.

So now, I plan to keep running and adding miles. My body knows what it is supposed to do, I just need to remind my lungs to breath correctly and keep my head in the game, mentally and physically. This morning’s run wasn’t so bad: While I was aiming for 5 miles and was just shy of that, I was able to get some bursts of speed in there and that keeps me hopeful.

All it will take to get back to where I was is one foot in front of the other.



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