My Favorite Fitness Apps

When I look at the wish list I have put together for my running obsession, there are a lot of cool things there: Compression socks and leggings, a Garmin that includes a heart rate monitor, more than one pair of shoes at a time. But the truth is, I have other things that demand my attention and finances, so I am stuck making due with lesser items that can make it work.

So, since I have an iPhone 4, I’ve been checking out the amazing apps that help make tracking mileage, pace, and the like easy. And while I still want that Garmin with a heart rate monitor, there are some cool apps that can get me most of what I want. Check out my favorites.

RunKeeper – When I downloaded this app, I was excited to try it. I love that I can play any music with it, I can get audio cues for pace and distance, and it gives me an audio recap at the end of the race. HOWEVER – I noticed that some of the tracking it does is a little off. I’ve been running around my area enough to know one mile all the way to 5 mile routes.. so when RunKeeper tells me it’s shorter or longer, I question the app. But the pace is dead on, so there is that. I still have it on my phone because in some locations when there is awesome sattelite connection, it’s fantastic. But when I run downtown near the bridges or the river where the trees are, the mileage is way off.

RunMeter – this is one I have been using for a little while now and I’ve been liking it a lot. The free version does not have any audio cues, but I get alerts on the front of my phone. So if you run with your phone in your hand, then it is perfect. I like using it right now as I am re-vamping my running back to where I was because it allows me to really focus on listening to my body and determining what I need there instead of focusing on my time according to an app. I will be purchasing the paid version of this app in the next few weeks when I am ready to upgrade (a $5 in app purchase,) but am not certain how things will work.

Argus – I just downloaded this new app, mainly because it has a pedometer in it. So as long as I am carrying my phone, it is tracking my steps. It also maps out my runs for me, and says it will track my food if I take photos of them and keep it up dated. I haven’t used it fully yet, but I plan to start tomorrow when I am actually doing stuff not just being lazy and laying around. I’ll keep you posted!

Electric Miles Do you DailyMile? I do. You can find my profile here. And if you DailyMile you should download Electric Miles. It’s the phone app that allows you to track everything as if you were just logging it all in to the website. It’s awesome. I usually am walking home from the front of my complex, logging my miles/workout and checking in on the people I also follow. I highly recommend it.

Nike Club Training – I wish I still had room on my phone to keep this app. It’s incredible. The workouts are intense and I was always sore afterward in a very satisfying way. There were mini videos to show you how to do moves, and the app would keep track of how many work outs you did. After so many, you would unlock other work outs and score some specific and exclusive work outs. It’s pretty awesome for someone wanting some good cross-training ideas. (come on January! Let me update my phone so I can get it again!)

WHAT APPS DO YOU USE? I’m always looking for fitness apps that can make my work outs easy to start and fun to do. SO what apps do you use that you love? I want to try them!



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Fitness Apps

  1. kelsnsher says:

    I use Runkeeper all the time! But you’re right the mileage can be slightly off depending on how good of reception you have in places. You piqued my interest in the Argus app and have it downloaded now so we’ll see! Thanks girl!

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