A Release of Pain: Back At The Start

I was so excited to get permission to start working out again, it was ridiculous. I had planned to go running as soon as I could. That was on Wednesday, when the monsoon came through Jacksonville and flooded everything. Then Thursday, I had to drop off my car for some repairs (to the tune of almost $800) and had a dinner date with some friends and Dreamboat. Then this morning, I slept in thanks to not getting home till late. Tomorrow is Dawn’s Bachelorette party in St. Augustine after work. Then Sunday, I plan to sleep and rest because we have another monsoon coming through. Allegedly. It might be on Monday.

So, I am starting my “BEAST MODE: Restart” on Monday.

IIMG_8401 started putting together my workout plan last night by printing out new calendars and adding in the Insanity plan. In pencil so I could fix the mistakes I made when I screwed up which day was plyometrics and which day was power cardio. I also left the top part of the calendar clear so I could add in my milage plan as well. I’m well aware that come time for the longer runs, the Insanity plan might fall by the wayside, but it’s a good plan to have both in there just in case.

I asked Dreamboat if he wanted to join me. He said he’d think about it. Usually that means no, but I think he is interested in getting back into the fitness world himself.

I do have to skip the Marine Corp Half Marathon, because there is no way I’d be ready to run it in a few weeks after not running for 2.5 months. But I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things in time to run the Suburu Half with a decent time frame (that one is on Thanksgiving) and the Space Coast within the time frame I wrote down (which I think is 2:30 – 2:45)

And I am going to register for the Jax Bank Full. The race was in jeopardy when I was told I couldn’t run, but now I think I can swing it. My girl Marissa is already signed up and has promised to get me to the finish line, no questions. I’m hoping for nice cool weather, awesome music, and those mimosa’s that the Nunn’s always provide along the route.

Who know some ice cold beer or a chilled mimosa would make me run faster and stronger?

Anyway – That’s the plan. Any advice for the girl who is starting over from the beginning with a whole new head to go with it? I’m all ears.



2 thoughts on “A Release of Pain: Back At The Start

  1. Nick says:

    That title had me scared for a second, thought you had suffered some kind of setback…glad I was wrong. Now, as to advice: you are not starting from zero, just from off-season rust; so trust your instincts (and your doctor, seems like this one’s a keeper!) and just run for the love of it – if you start there, you won’t get lost!

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