A Release of Pain: Good News, Better News, BEST NEWS

This morning was a torrential downpour of rain. It started raining last night at about midnight, maybe a bit earlier. It was just constant rain. I kind of thought it was an omen of some kind, the bearer of bad news. I had gotten into an argument with Dreamboat (that apparently I started, but I disagree) and went to bed feeling dejected and slept horribly. The rain, which usually lulls me to sleep, was doing the opposite.

After a rough nights sleep, I kiss the Dreamboat good bye as he rides off into the rain to go to work, and I got up to get ready for my second follow up appointment. I shower, I blow dry my hair, I do my  make up and flutter in the closet trying to find what of my limited wardrobe fits me well enough to wear right now. Getting dressed in my usual jeans, my favorite hot pink tank top and my sheer black over top I head out into the rain myself.

I was stressing getting to the doctor late, but surprise! I walked in with him. Looks like the awful rain made us all late. Oops. I was called back, and sat in a room. I took peeks at myself in the mirror that he had in the exam room and made sure that it didn’t look like I was as exhausted as I felt, as nervous as I was.

Then Dr. Falluco, the one who saved my life, walked into the room.


I’m healing great! The incision is pretty much healed completely, but the scar will always be there. My hair is growing back great and covering the wound nicely. It isn’t, however, growing over on the left side of the incision. Scar tissue and whatnot keeping it from growing, but with as much hair that I have, it will be covered without any real issues.

He asked about how my head felt right now, and I told him that the achy feeling was working it’s way down my head toward my neck. Slow moving, but each day is better than the one before. He said that was normal, and part of the healing process. The right side of my head was mostly healed, but the left side is still tender for the most part. The most tender parts of both sides are still at the base of my neck, where most of the work was done.

When I told him that I was still numb in certain parts of my head, he said that isn’t unusual. Nerves regrow at one millimeter a day.  Random fact for the day, right? I never knew that. It could take 6-9 months before I feel all of my head once again.


I haven’t had any emergency like pain in the healing process so that makes things pretty awesome. Sure, I’ve had headaches, but nothing that I’ve needed to take a Maxalt for. In fact, all I have taken lately is IBProphen or Naproxen. WHAT!? Crazy right? Those of you who have followed me along this migraine hell know that I was taking Naproxen every day, and then the Maxalt almost every 2 or 3 days. It was awful, so only taking a couple of over the counter muscle relaxers is incredibly exciting.

I do have to call the pharmacy and get a new mix of a medication made, as I am having some serious adverse reactions to the one that I have now. The good news is I shouldn’t have to pay for a new one. But we’ll see about that. haha.

Within six to nine months – I’ll be “normal” whatever that is. Normal for me. A life without migraines.


5 weeks migraine free. If nothing else this is the most amazing, epic thing ever. This is the longest time I have been migraine free. HOLY SHIT, YA’LL.

I can run again, within reason. Dr. Falluco wants me to start off with 5 minutes at a time, testing my head and testing how things feel. Three weeks ago, it was entirely too soon to run, and I can see that now. My head is significantly better now than it was then, and I feel like that was a brilliant move on my doctors part – and on mine for not actually running anyway.

So my plan is to take the next week or two and do some slow, easy running. 1-3 miles as I feel. If things feel good, then I will jump into marathon training with both feet running. I am about three weeks behind, but I think if I get some good long runs in, and remove my care about time, I can still make my first marathon this December. But I have two half marathons over Thanksgiving, so that will be the test.

With the permission to run, I also get permission to do Insanity. (Are you hearing me Caitlyn Connolly?! I’m adopting you as my coach. Hope you don’t mind) That being said, I want to do running in the AM and Insanity in the PM. It’s a lot, and it’s probably stupid to try and do long runs with Insanity, but this isn’t something I haven’t done before. At one point, for an entire year – I did 2 hours of Les Mills classes in the morning, and running the bridges downtown at night on my dinner break. I know what I am doing, and I know to listen to my body.

But this means I CAN drop some weight before the cruise, and get a jump start on my fitness. I’m super excited about it.

Then there is this…A friend of mine – Ashley –  who has known me since college, who has known me since the start of my migraine adventure posted this on my last post about how miserable I was not being able to run:

As much as you are frustrated because you can’t go back to your normal routine yet, you must think about what was normal. You would have migraines that kept you from running, playing with your niece, crying happy tears and so much more. As frustrated as you are, you will never go back to your normal routines. You will surpass anything you did. You will run faster, longer and more often. If you keep your head up and stay with your PT, you will be so surprised that you don’t want to go back to your normal life. You will taste what life is really like. Everything you deserve; it will be tasting freedom for the first time. Love you!

She’s right. She’s right. Nothing will be the same for me again. From here on out, it’s a new ball game…a new race…a new run… a new life. Life with my husband will be different. Life with my family will be different. Life at work will be different. Everything is different. I’m slowly learning that I don’t need to worry about getting a medication refill before my vacations, or bringing my own latex pillow to support my head everywhere, or freak out when I get on a plane to go to Mexico with my family or ride a roller coaster or anything. It’s all going to be new and improved and shiny and fantastic.

The road is long… and this is just the beginning.


3 thoughts on “A Release of Pain: Good News, Better News, BEST NEWS

  1. Nick says:

    Freakin’ AWESOME Jamie!! Don’t know if I’m happier for you to run again, or the simple joy of being migraine free…I never suffered like you have, but I still have one or two episodes a month, so I can totally relate to your theme, “A release of pain”. It has been a privilege sharing the journey, thank you!

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