It’s A Food Thing: Gluten free goodies everywhere!

I’ve been trying to stick to the gluten free diet even through the surgery and the recovery because I need to. And I want to. And because there isn’t a reason NOT to stick to a specific eating just because you are drooling on the couch watching crummy TV (has anyone noticed how SKINNY Drew Carey has gotten!? WOW) and waiting to regain feeling in your head.

For the most part it was pretty easy. I ate a lot of scrambled eggs, grits, soup, popsicles, and other softer foods like that right after the surgery. It took about two or three days to get my throat feeling normal again. Lots of ginger ale too for the nausea due to the meds and lack of food, and the dizzy spells. Then, I slowly started adding other foods like hash-browns and frozen yogurt. Then more solid foods like the Chicken Bryan from Carrabba’s and crab legs from Joe’s Crab Shack.

Pretty proud of sticking to it. Then, when we finally went grocery shopping – I found plenty of gluten free goodies popping up. Where have these delights been? I think they may have always been there, but I’m not sure.1708

Udi’s is one of my favorite places to go for sweet treats. They have the best soft chocolate chip cookies. I was amazed at how delicious they were! Made even better with some fresh whipped cream. Deliciousness. They also have a ton of other types of cookies, breads, mixes for crusts, muffins and even doughnuts. I haven’t tried them all because I’m really not a pastry person, but the cookies were enough to hit the spot for a sweet treat when desperately craved. Plus it’s a great option for the parentals when they need to buy a cake for a party. I can get these!!

oh!! I also had the Udi’s hamburger buns! Those were fantastic. Dry on their own, but when you add some ketchup, olive oil mayo, and some mustard – and of course the burger – it’s delicious.

Rudi’s has a bread out that is made from tapioca flour which is a little on the dry side. Toast it up and slather some stuff on it, and it’s not so bad. It also is a great thing to use as a second to the hamburger bun. If you run out, the bread is perfect.

Nabisco has created these amazing Rice Thins (A GF version of the Wheat Thin) and the cheesy ones are fantastic. Crunchier than expected, the square crackers are wonderfully tasty and don’t taste like the cardboard I’ve had before. I ended up buying another cheesy one, and snagged the sea salt and black peppery for snacking purposes.

Glutino also has a great flavored cracker out. Rosemary and olive oil. I have found myself snacking on them, dipping them into a little bit of cream cheese and using them as a side to go with my salads. Super tasty and a great alternative to some of their other, plain crackers. My mom also found some rolls that are made by Glutino and they were pretty good toasted up with some butter applied.

Snyder has made some GF pretzels, and those are fantastic! They are a bit more crunchy than usual, but taste fantastic. Especially dipped in honey mustard. I just wish they had the nugget version, and not just the sticks and twists.


products-gluten-freeMueller’s has come out with a gluten free pasta. It’s a rice and corn blend and my favorite part of this pasta is it doesn’t stick to itself in an unmoving mass when it gets cold. Reheating it makes it taste just as good as before, and the texture is pretty close to normal pasta as well. Dreamboat has eaten it and it’s been a success. I do have to complain about the fact that it takes longer to cook. 13 minutes is not enough time, in my testing adventures. A little bit of olive oil, some yummy herbs and I’m set for a delicious dinner.

That’s all I have for now. Do you have some awesome gluten free food options?


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