A Release of Pain: Three Weeks Post Op

It’s kind of weird. The pain I feel in my head is so significantly less than what I have been feeling that I don’t know how to handle it. It’s dull, with random moments of sharp, intense pains from the nerve. When I lay down to sleep, the nerve freaks out. When I brush my hair before I hit it with the blow dryer, it is super tender on the left side of my head.

But I haven’t had a migraine in three weeks. That, in itself, is a crazy epic thing that has me giddy and perky and laughing like crazy. It’s insane. It’s weird.

I kinda like it.

Life is pretty much back to normal, which is awesome an annoying at the same time because it isn’t all normal. Things are different.

Work is work – you come in, go to meetings, post a plethora of things on various social media sites and then you go home. You schedule chats and contests, go to webinars and study the ever-evolving changes that get wheeled out with Facebook and Twitter. You learn what new apps are fantastic and which suck. You try to convince the people who don’t pay attention to reality just why social media is important. And then you go home.

Home is home – I get up in the morning and work out, then come home to shower. I get ready for work, make my lunch, pack my snacks, and then head out. I check in with Dreamboat along the way, here and there when I am free to chat. Then I go home, clean up some, make dinner and maybe open a bottle of wine. We watch TV, talk about our days, and when it’s bed time, he curls up behind me until we are both so hot and uncomfortable we literally peel ourselves apart.

But fit life is not so fun. Riding the bike, while totally working my legs out isn’t as much fun to me as it could be. I set the route up for 30 minutes of hills but keep it on level 1 until I feel good. I’m usually breathing pretty heavy because I try to get my heart rate up by staying in the 60 plus RPMs. I do leave a hot sweaty mess, but I also end up looking at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and still end up bored half way through.

I need to bring magazines and books with me.

I’m also trying to do a squat challenge. Today was 50 squats, which was also like… nothing for me. Well, right now it feels like nothing. I am hoping to feel all kinds of sore and achy tomorrow. A friend of mine sent someone’s rant about how squat challenges are not good for you – and had it been an article with sound research and advice in it, then I would have believed it. BUT – I’m also the girl who throws 50+ lbs on the bar, throws it on her back and does the squat track in the Les Mills Body Pump and wants more by the time the 4 minute song is done. How many squats did I do in those classes? Way more than 3 sets of 8-12, and my ass looked fantastic. Bottom line: to each their own. People who adore the challenge and want to push themselves this way will make it happen, and those who are not interested in it.. will not. No judgement, just an observation.

I say that to people all the time. “When you want something bad enough, you’ll make the decision to make it happen” and I always get weird looks. When you make the decision to make the necessary changes in your life to give you the things you want, then you know you are ready for them. When all you do is talk about it but do nothing then you aren’t ready. And some people will never be ready. That’s okay. That’s what makes them who they are and if they are happy with that, who are we to judge them for it? For me it’s usually because I don’t understand it. I always want to be stronger, faster, better than I was the day week month year before. But not everyone has that in them, and that’s okay.

Sorry. Random tangent there. When you are not in pain, you have a chance to really think about things I suppose.

ANYWAY – My inner girl is also coming out. After spending $100 at LUSH cosmetics and scoring some awesome nail polish, I’ve been letting my inner girlie girl enjoy some beauty rejuvenation. The Herbalism face scrub they have has been doing wonders to my skin, and the shampoo and conditioner I got makes my hair fluffy enough to hide my incision. It’s been pretty awesome. Dreamboat says it smells like the Acid Cigars he likes (that’s a brand, for those who don’t know cigars…not real acid) and that means I can buy more! When I told him that, he stopped, looked at me and frowned as he nodded.

“Holy Shit. It does mean you can buy more. Damn,” he said while I cheered annoyingly chipper.

So things are going well. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things and that means back to your regularly reading needs. I promise that I’ll be back into the swing of things soon. You’ll get your Weekly Motivation, your It’s A Food Thing, and your idiot runner posts back.

Thanks to everyone who reached out and sent me such well wishes. It’s been an adventure, and I’ll keep all of you posted as I get more information on my recovery. For now… Go buy yourself some Toasted Coconut Almonds by Blue Diamond. DE-licious. 😀


One thought on “A Release of Pain: Three Weeks Post Op

  1. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) says:

    I’m so glad that things are moving so positively! And also, I’m even more glad that you haven’t had a migraine. While I wasn’t a chronic sufferer, the few that I’ve had in my life have been absolute hell, so I can imagine the relief you must be feeling. Such a wonderful update and I’m sure you’re ready to be back to your running and workouts soon!

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