The rambling of Idiot Runner Girl…

Getting back into the swing of things post surgery is…weird. It shouldn’t be weird. it should be normal. Back to the normal routine of when to post on Facbeook and Twitter, when to post on Instagram and when to share stuff on Pinterest and G+ for the station I work for. Lunch at 1pm, snack at 4pm. Refill my water cup – but remember, you have to use the elevator for now.

But it’s weird.

I have my  monitors on shelves now so I can have them at eye level where my head is not tilted down. Ergonomic or something like that. I have a new work computer, a brand spanking new one that was bought while I was out and has been updated with all the swanky updates I need. Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Spotify. All the things I need for my producer side, and more than I need for my social media side.

And it’s fast. I like it being this fast. Makes posting so much easier. Chrome lags once in a while but for the most part it’s perfect. And I dig it.

Lots of people have come up to me and asked me about how I am doing. They want to see my scar, know how I’m feeling. They keep saying that I look like I am happier, I sound happier.

That’s easy. I’m not in pain.

Can’t run, so I’ve been biking. I tried the elliptical but it hurt. The left side of my head is still really tender so when my left foot pushed down, it felt like there was a jarring on that side of my head. I promptly got off the elliptical and went to the bike.

No matter how badly I want to go and push this recovery, it’s wrong and I’m not going to do it. I want to never have another migraine again and this is how I prevent it from happening. So. 3 weeks till my next follow up? Done deal.

My new LUSH products are fab. My skin is clearing up and my hair feels fantastic, even in this crazy humidity. I feel girly and I like it.

I bought pinkish… kind of coral like colored nail polish. I’m thinking about painting my nails with that color tonight.

I joined a group on Facebook called Space Coast Runners. It’s pretty cool to meet some other running peeps.

Speaking of Facebook, they have loosened their rules about hosting contests on their pages. This makes me happy at work for those quick, last minute contests that we sometimes forget about, but it also makes doing contests on IRG’s FB page so much easier! I’m excited to run a few Facebook contests soon!

And…. I guess that’s it.

What’s going on in your world this week? 🙂


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