A Release Of Pain: I have awesome friends…

Not gonna lie, I’ve been extremely stressed out this week. I’m producing the noon newscast because everyone is on vacation, I’m trying to prep things for the next two Saturdays I’m going to be missing, I’m training and retraining the people filling in for me doing social media, and I’m trying to get stuff at home ready for when I’m recovering by lining up “babysitters” and organizing when I am having family come down to help out… Throw in a black out migraine on Tuesday night that left me practically comatose by the time we got home that night and well into Wednesday…. I’m reminded why I am voluntarily letting a surgeon cut open my head and dig around a little bit.

When Stacey messaged me and asked me to meet her for lunch on Wednesday, I was excited. A reprieve from the drama fest that took over my life! Stacey and I are running buddies and I adore her. She’s pretty, cute, and quiet compared to my bold and outlandish ways…but she’s a beast and I adore her for that. She runs AND does Crossfit. Intense is an understatement. We also both work in Social Media and with me not running nearly as much right now, I don’t get to see her that often. So I was stoked when she asked me to meet her for lunch. 

We ended up going to Zoe’s, a super healthy place that caters to the crowds of Riverside. When I walked up, I saw she had two giant bags with her so I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but we both ordered the Greek salad and hummus (because really, they are one of my favorite places to get hummus) and while she was healthy and got water, I splurged and got a Coke. When we sat down at our table, is when she sprung it on me.

“So I kind of tricked you into having lunch with me,” she started. I laughed. You don’t have to trick me into having lunch with you. I like going out to eat. I’d gladly go out to eat instead of eating the food I bring 9 times out of 10 only because for some reason, food at a restaurant tastes better. And I told her this. And then she got teary.

“I know how scary it was before my surgery…” she said, and I started to cry. I’ve been putting up a pretty strong front, but the truth is I’m terrified of getting this procedure done. I’m over the superficial freak outs over having my head shaved (it won’t be that much, really it won’t) and the read concern of being put under (everyone tells me you remember counting to 9 and then waking up afterward. I’m taking their word for it) but after being told I have to have an advance directive filled out before surgery, I’ve been a wreck.

Stacey and her stealthy self, got together with other friends of mine and put together a “Feel Better” care package for the two weeks I’m going to be out and after. I was floored and so touched it’s beyond words for me to express it. And what a care package it was.


Magazines, chocolate, bubble wrap, motivational magnets,

LOTS of running gels and gu and stuff for when I get back into running, and a tote bag to carry it all in. Oh, and LOTSA MiO!!! I seriously have like almost 10 bottles of MiO now. I love how my friends – my running family – know how I love that stuff and what my other weaknesses are and JUST how to distract me.

I cried going through all the wonderful items, and we talked through lunch about how crazy the surgery was going to be. Yes, I plan on hashtagging the surgery, and posting photos the day of. And after the surgery I plan to as well. I’m a social media maven, of course. But I also plan on taking it easy and relaxing and sleeping a lot to get through the migraine I am certain to have coming out of the surgery. We talked about how frustrated I have been not being able to run, and how I think that’s going to affect my racing this fall/winter and how I can’t wait to go back out there and really do this again.

When we parted, I got teary again. Stacey wished me luck and said she’d be looking for updates. When I got back to the station, I thanked everyone there who pitched in and got me fantastic items to help me through recovery, and cried yet again. They all said that they were rooting for me, that they had watched me in this pain and knew how important this surgery is and how wonderful they hoped I felt afterward.

And then today, I had two friends outside of the ones I had already talked to and confirmed with tell me they want to be at the hospital for me during my surgery. They want to help. They want to make sure I’m okay.

Sometimes I forget how many friends I have, and how much I am loved… but right now, I feel nothing but humbled, touched and so deeply appreciative for the people in my life. They aren’t letting me do this alone, no matter what I think. And that is amazing.

4 days, 15 hours and counting.


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