It’s A Food Thing: Gluten Free finally?

It’s officially been 4 weeks since I said “screw it, we’ll do it all the way” and I’m feeling pretty good. It was hard at first because there are a lot of things out there that I didn’t know had gluten in it. (like caramel. some of my favorite cereals. Twizzlers!!) But after a strict 4 week purge of anything KNOWN to have gluten in it, I’m feeling pretty good.

I’ve been regular, my skin has cleared up some, my energy has been better, and I feel good. Dreamboat even commented about how nice it’s been to not hear me complain about how bloated or backed up I’ve been. Plus with so many gluten free options out there now, it’s kind of hard to really complain about not having any gluten free options.Udi’s is my favorite, by far. They have the most amazing gluten free chewy chocolate chip cookies and some pretty decent hamburger buns that I’ve become addicted to. They also are the ones who made my favorite gluten free pizza crusts, breads, and wraps. Then, Snyder’s jumped on the bandwagon and started making gluten free pretzels, which satisfies some of my cravings.

When going out to restaurants, I don’t hesitate to ask them if they have gluten free options anymore. Carrabba’s has an awesome gluten free menu, and when I was there with my in laws, they were eager to make sure my dish was 100% gluten free – even went so far to tell me that they changed their gloves! Wow! And you’ve already read my review for European Street Cafe, which will become one of my new favorite hang outs for meals out and about in Downtown Jax. When I crave pizza, Mellow Mushroom has a gluten free crust, which while thin is pretty tasty. I get it loaded up with some of the best of the best sauces and meats and I’m set for the night.

I won’t lie and say that there aren’t things I miss. Mellow has these amazing bread things called “Drunkin’ Fun Guys” that come with three different dipping sauces, and I miss those a lot. I also was really frustrated to learn that Twizzlers had flour in them, and that’s the staple treat for producers in our newsroom. (Our managers literally buy them for us to keep us happy) and of course the sweet treats that are paraded into the newsroom during the day are hard to resist. But I’m doing it. I really am doing it.

I’ve found some really cool blogs about eating gluten free too. The one that stands out the most for me is  Gluten Free Jacksonville, which has lots of tips about how to eat gluten free in my city. (I also follow Udi’s blog/instagram for ideas)

So while it’s super complicated sometimes… it’s getting easier. Tonight Dreamboat and I are heading out to the Jacksonville Sharks game, and while I really really REALLY want a cheeseburger… I know that Bono’s will give me the BBQ sandwich minus the bread which will keep it GF for me.  And since I know I have gluten free burgers from Dreamboat’s plant in my freezer and gluten free buns on my counter, I’ll suck it up and get the shredded pork and cure the craving tomorrow.

Did I really just say I’ll suck it up and eat shredded pork?! I’m losing it. 🙂

It’s been a tough road getting back on track, but this feels good. I feel good. The scale is super slowly moving in the wrong direction, but some very wise followers told me to focus on how I feel, and when I am able to jump back into running regularly again I’ll feel a thousand times better. I know they are right. And I’m grateful for the support.

You guys rock my world, you know that right? Well, ya do. 🙂


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