It’s A Food Thing: Restaurants That Win

So things have been rather stressful lately, as you all know, and instead of being smart and cooking something for lunch I said screw it and slept in a bit this morning. (and by slept in, I mean hit the snooze button like 4 times when my alarm went off at 6am this morning) I was coming off of a migraine, plus I messed up my stitches (which surprises NO ONE) and I didn’t care. Sleep was more important.

And that left me with the issue: where to go grab food that was tasty AND Gluten Free.

Lunch time rolls around and I’m starving and needing to go and grab food. I head out and am thinking about my usual locations… Sushi is always a good bet if I ditch the tempura batter…Salads are always a good choice and there was a Tropical Smoothie right around the corner.. and then it hit me. European Street Cafe now carries Gluten Free breads and sweet treats! I’m going there!

After I had ordered my Princess Anna (A croissant stuffed with chicken breast, bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes and honey mustard on the side. Served hot) on a gluten free roll, a coke and got two bags of sweet GF treats, I turned away and started to browse the delicious cookies I couldn’t eat when it happened. The waitress rushed up to me and said the chicken breast was a processed item, and had gluten in it. I frowned, thinking why would it be processed and why did it have to have gluten? Ugh.

“Oh, um….” I mumbled. She quickly said that she can get me turkey instead, that it’s fresh and thin sliced. I smiled. Perfect.

“I’d love that, thank  you so much!” I said with a smile. She rushed off to the kitchen to stop them and change my order. When she came back out she smiled and we chatted. She was the first person who picked up on the fact that when I order gluten free food, I need it to be gluten free all around. She rushed my food out to me and I again thanked her. She told me to come back any time. So I’m bragging about them here.

If you are in Jacksonville – go visit European Street Cafe for amazing food, and even more amazing service. Plus they have awesome treats and throw back candies that are amazing. And for the record: my Princess Anna with Turkey was amazing.


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