IRG Wants Swag.

I know that all you really need to go out and run is a pair of running shoes, a fantastic sports bra, and an open road…but sometimes it’s nice to have some gear specifically designed for running. I’m talking about those cool sleeves, the compression stuff, and anything else that is out there that would make running easier.

And more fun. Because running gear is fun.


I’d love to get my hands on some compression sleeves for my calves. I hear they do wonders for recovery and some even have ice pack pockets so you aren’t stuck sitting there holding a bag of frozen peas on your shin, calve or ankle. (In my case, it’s always the ankle.) I have seen them in a million different colors and designs which has made my desire for just purple (seen left) to also wanting the green, the pink, the tie dyed, the striped a la rainbow brite, the gray scale ones, and the ones I saw that had mini skulls all over them.

Scientifically, I hear they help increase blood flow and make muscles feel less stiff. Realistically, I’ve heard from three people who have worn them that there is no real noticeable difference in wearing them and not during the run itself, but that afterward there is benefit.

Either way… I want a pair. Or multiple pairs. 🙂


These things are so awesome. I have one (the polar bear one!) and I adore it. I always have cold water inside of it when I fill it with ice water before going for a run in the hot hot heat of Florida, and I love the fact that they come in a bunch of different designs and sizes.

My wish list has another one of these larger ones, and two or three of the smaller, 10 ounce ones. They fit in the hand perfectly, and are great for sliding into a bike bottle holder. Kids dig them too. Fun designs like fairies and dinos galore!

But seriously, they keep liquids cold for HOURS and that’s why I adore them. I use them for running, walking, swimming, fitness in general, going to the pool, long car rides, all the fun stuff. If you haven’t gotten these, go get you some.


IMG_6615I have a bunch of Bondi Bands, and a few Sweaty Bands, and to be honest…I need more! I use IMG_4454them for more than just running. I’ve worn them to work, I’ve worn them to the pool, I’ve worn them to the beach, I’ve even worn them while cleaning my house!

RIGHT: The Bondi Bands are my favorite. I have a bunch of them that have sayings on it (Rockstar, Will Run for Ice Cream, and I don’t chase boys, I pass them) and I have one of their sparkly glitter ones. I love them. They don’t fit too hard on my head which helps my migraines and I love the sayings!

LEFT: Sweaty Bands are my second favorite. They are sparkly and awesome! They have felt on the underside so they don’t go anywhere and I love the variety of colors they come in. Don’t want sparkly? Don’t worry, they have some awesome printed designs and some even come with embroidery. Super classy, super cute, and I like wearing them to work to keep my hair out of the way.

imagesMUSIC: I need more tunes. I need more fun music that I can listen to that can make me get in the zone. Sometimes it’s easy to find, but more often than not it’s actually really hard to get in the zone with music. I find myself skipping song after song after song, and I feel bad. I mean, I’M the one who created this running playlist. Why am I skipping songs? Because sometimes the songs suck. But – I need some new tunes. I need to find some good jams. I know you have suggestions for me. Let’s hear them.




insanity-asskickedINSANITY: I started this workout, and then ran a race barefoot. By far the stupidest thing I could have EVER done.  I was three weeks into it, and then had to stop because I could barely walk. Second problem? I have it as digital files, and I need a laptop to run them. Third? The burned DVDs I have of this amazing workout…won’t play in my DVD player.

I seriously hate technology.

So, I talked to Dreamboat and we are going to spend the money to get it AFTER my surgery so I can start it while training for my marathon in December. I wanted to try and get lots of weight off before training actually started by doing this for the two months before…but I’m technically screwed due to the failing technology.

ANYWAY – I’m planning on getting the dvds after my surgery and then it’s going to be ON! DIG DEEPER!

BodyAttack.1 body-pump-poster-from-les-mills-website  LES MILLS – These two programs, Body Attack and Body Pump, are also HUGE in the fitness world. Attack is HIIT cardio training, and Pump is full body weights.

Each class is one hour long, and they kick my ass every time I take them. Pump is on DVD via BeachBody but Attack isn’t yet. I’m hoping to get some cash stashed so I can buy Pump since I can’t do a gym membership right now. The YMCA here in Jax carries the Les Mills programs and I would love to do that instead, but surgery first.

So that is the gear that I’m craving right now. What’s your desires? Share your gear wants in the comments! 🙂


One thought on “IRG Wants Swag.

  1. Jules (@mymomsawhackjob) says:

    I have compression sleeves and tried to run in them and it was a HUGE mistake. BUT, I put them on as soon as I finish a long run and wear them an hour or so. I feel so freaking great the next day. Never would know I ran a race in them. I have done this for three halves so far and it is amazing the difference in my recovery! I swear by them.

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