Getting Back on the Bandwagon

For some people, being healthy is normal and natural. It’s easy. It doesn’t bother that person that they get really busy and can’t always keep things healthy because they automatically gravitate toward healthy options and food choices. They always find time to work out no matter how stressed at work they get, tired from working too much they get, and they make it happen around family and friends, never missing a beat.

For the rest of us…it’s complicated. It’s hard to stay in habits when things come up and takes forever to fall back into routine. When time is short, you grab the easiest thing to eat, no matter what it is completely ignoring the healthy aspect of anything, and you blow off workouts because you are so tired you would rather sleep than breath. And then, by the time you realize that you fell off the healthy bandwagon…it’s too late.

It sounds stupid. I used to say it was stupid. But lately – I’m realizing just how true it can be for some people, myself included.

It starts as easy as grabbing a soda at lunch for a caffeine and sugar pick me up. Then it goes to grabbing fries instead of a salad because they are easier to eat at your desk. Then suddenly you are blowing off workouts because you are so tired you’d rather sleep than do just about anything. It’s frustrating and the tighter your jeans get the more frustrated you feel.

If you have ever felt that way, I’m here to tell you – IT’S OKAY. It happens to the best of us and is quite normal. Instead of wallowing in self pity and drowning in another pint of Chunky Monkey, let’s get back on the bandwagon together.



1. STOP the self pity: I get it. It’s easy to sit there and wallow. I suffer from depression myself, and I know how easy it is for me to do it. It’s that easy for you to do it as well. But STOP. It’s a waste of energy and reality is not everything is perfect all the time. Forgive yourself and it’ll be easier to  move on.


2. Pick ONE thing to change: You’re not working out anymore, you’re eating crappy foods, and you’re skipping out on important health related things. Doing drastic changes to everything all at once is a sure fire way to fail. Instead: pick ONE thing that you can focus all of your energy on. After a few weeks, add another small challenge. After another few weeks, add another. For example: I’m trying to eliminate gluten from my diet AND I want to eat better. I can’t do both, it’s too overwhelming. So right now I’m focused on eliminating gluten. If I can go two weeks with no gluten, I know it’ll become habit and I can slowly start to add other healthy eating habits in. But I need to detox my body from all the gluten first. Same goes for running…especially since I am going to be out for at least 2 weeks from the surgery. Get into the habit of doing smaller runs now…3 mile runs is what? 30 minutes? (Okay for me it’s closer to 36 minutes, but STILL) after a few weeks of 3 milers, add a mile to a couple of them. Then add another. Add in a long run on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Slow and steady changes stick the longest.


3. Find your MOTIVATION: I’ve lost the two people I run with most. By moving my workouts to the morning before work, Tiffany can’t run with me anymore. And Kat has been so busy with her life doing whatever it is she is doing, she hasn’t been running with me at all lately. It’s been pretty easy to blow off my own workouts because of it. Instead, I got Dreamboat telling me that I CAN do it, and I’m finding motivation for myself. (in the form of a cruise in October. 20 lbs in 4 months? Totally doable) Find something that motivates YOU to get out there and go. For me, it’s feeling confident while on the cruise ship surrounded by the smaller girls from the wedding we are going to. It’s also feeling more confident naked, fitting back into my size 12 jeans, and getting fit for my full marathon in December. What’s your motivation?


4. Come find ME and I’ll be your cheerleader: I’m not the smartest one in the world, but I know that sometimes people just need someone to cheer them on. If you can’t find someone to do that for you, find me on twitter or Instagram (@idiotrunnergirl) or find me on Facebook ( and I’ll be your cheerleader. I love hearing how people mastered their races, got out and ran, and found some kind of  motivation to make the changes they need to make. And I applaud you for doing it. Let’s do this together.

TELL ME: what’s your favorite workout to blow the stress away?

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