Motivation: Doing It Yourself

July is almost here and I’ve lost May and June. Grr, Arg, whatever. Knowing that my pre-marathon-training trianing is starting on July 1 is making me buckle down and really get serious. Knowing that I’ll be out for two weeks for my surgery with no workout options at all makes me focus even more.

I can’t even tell you what it is that kept me from really buckling down. I didn’t have anything specific keeping me from keeping a solid work out schedule. Well, that’s not true. The people I usually run with have bailed on me for reasons out of my control, and that’s okay. I understand that life gets in the way.

But I know me. I’m more inclined to run when I know for a fact that someone is going to be meeting me and pushing me.

So I need to do it myself, which is hard. I can come up with a thousand reasons as to why I should just give up on it. Clearly, I’ve done it for the past two months at least. I’m not saying I didn’t run at all, I’m just saying I didn’t run as consistently as I wanted. And given that is the issue, I’ve made some changes to my July plans.

** I have a calendar with my daily mileage needed on it, with two rest days a week. Saturdays and Mondays are my rest days right now, but if I get in the habit of waking up early and hitting the bridges in the morning on Mondays, it’ll just be Saturdays. (remember: Saturdays are my insane work days)

** Running has officially been moved to mornings starting next week. Sure, I’ll most likely keep my night runs on Wednesdays, but I’ll probably do two-a-days on those days. Brian has been meeting me and we’ve been doing short, easy bridge runs. I like it.

** I’m adding the squat challenge into my daily routine. I figure I can do the squats after my runs in the AM. I can throw on the morning news to follow up with what’s going on, or put on Palladia/CMT to watch music videos. Either way, I feel like i need to get some squats in. 4 months till the cruise and I wanna look hot in my bathing suit!

** Knowing that I won’t be able to run for 2 weeks after the surgery, Brian gave me the idea of riding the recumbent bike in the fitness center. Clearly NOT the first week but after that I should be okay to do so. It’s extremely passive, and if I keep the resistance low, there will be no pressure on my head from the pounding of my heart. Also – it will make me feel like i am doing something.

** I’ve gotten back in touch with Marissa, which is awesome. I don’t know why we stopped texting for so long…I think it was because we both got busy. BUT – she’s going to help me keep up the motivation and I am so thankful for that.

How about you? Tell me: How do you motivate yourself into running when the feeling is just not there?


One thought on “Motivation: Doing It Yourself

  1. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) says:

    I’m sorry you’re struggling. Some of my best running friends seem to be in a huge slump the last few weeks. I hover between blaming the ridiculous humidity and the Supermoon.

    Unless there’s something physically wrong with me, I just tell myself to get my butt outside and do it. I know that if I don’t go, I’ll be pissed at myself, so why put myself through that?

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