A Photo Blog of my Saturday

Some people get the producer lifestyle, but most of the general public don’t get how it works. I had a lot of people ask me what my typical Saturday morning is like. Here is a short description, with some photos. Not a lot of photos, but some:


1:45AM: My first alarm goes off. I just went to bed at 10pm, so I hit the snooze bar and cuddle up to Dreamboat.

1:54AM: Snooze alarm goes off. I mumble “I’m moving, I’m moving” to no one in particular. I just off the alarm on my phone, pull it off its charger, walk around the bed and kiss Dreamboat before going into the bathroom, where my clothes are stashed.

2:07AM: I actually start moving to get ready to go to work.

2:27AM: By now, I’m somewhat presentable to head out to work. I kiss Dreamboat goodbye, we mumble something incoherent.





2:30AM: In the car, driving down the service road, heading to the Gate station for my usual Saturday Morning pit stop.out of the bedroom. I turn on the dining room light, so I can find my shoes and gather my purse. oherently, and then I walk










2:34AM: Pull into the Gate. I go in and grab my popcorn, my salad, my protein bar, my almonds, and my 32 ounce vanilla Coke. Pay for my items, get back into the car. Head for the highway.








2:45AM: Tweet my drive:











2:57AM: Walk into work. It’s eerie when you are the only one here, aside from one other person. Set my stuff down, go to my main desk (for social purposes) and grab my notebook, my planner, and my headphones.










Go back to my producer desk and sign in. Open rundown. Open Traffic logs to check break times. Open Newsource to see what’s on CNN. Talk to other producer to find out what from 10/11pm shows we can steal from the morning.






3:32AM: Open the salad. Eat the salad.

3:35AM: Answer the phone call from the crazies. Proceed to do this for the rest of the night.

4:07AM: Go to station’s Facebook page and see NO UPDATES at all. Not happy. Email News Director, then go back to work.

4:13AM: Wonder why the AP is late. She’s never late.







4:30AM: AP shows up, apologizes immensely.

5:00AM: Wonder why the editors are late. Getting annoyed. I had the least amount of sleep than everyone and I was EARLY.

5:07AM: Female Anchor shows up for work. Say hello.

5:13AM: One of the editors shows up and the intern is hot on his heels.

5:30AM: Other Editor, and Male Anchor shows up.







6:00AM: Half of the show is done, but I have to keep changing shit because things are showing up in other producer’s show as well as mine because apparently when I say “What do you have from 10” she doesn’t think to tell me EVERYTHING she has. Annoyed face.










6:37AM: Eat protein bar. Vanilla. Super yummy.

7:00AM: Other Producer goes on air. She does two hours, so I have an hour to finish my show, another half hour to finish teases and headlines. Focus is intense.

8:07AM: Get the show mostly done. Call watch command after taking a call about police activity. Get the run around. Thanks, JSO.

8:36AM: Photogrpaher shows up. Talk to Female Anchor. Send Photographer to homicide callout.

8:45AM: Finishing touches.

8:50AM Go to the studio, talk to floor director. Remind him about make up segment. Go to the booth.

8:55AM: Curse and go back into the newsroom because I forgot to give a guest his IFB. Grab IFB, give to weather lady who will be doing the segment with the guest.

9:00AM: Open Rolls.

9:58:55AM: Show ends. Mostly good, some flaws but tolerable. Go into studio to talk to guests here, nosh on some yumminess chef made and

10:36AM: Go to desk, upload recipes to website. Double check station Facebook.finalize dates for next few segments.

11:02AM: Get email from News Director, why wasn’t anything posted. CC’d last nights manager. Oops. Wasn’t meaning to get someone in trouble. But yeah, maybe I was at the same time.

11:08AM: Female Anchor, Intern and photographer head out to story. Male anchor leaves. I sit here and goof off until ready to leave.

12:00PM: realize that I can leave now. Finishes blog. Heads home.

12:20pm: home, and if lucky…blacked out asleep in hopes to get a few hours nap in before going out to Jax Beach to celebrate Dawn’s birthday.

Do that as my morning. Hope you are having a great day. G’night! Or…G’afternoon!


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