Hello, June!

I warn you now – this post will be a bit random. I’ve been up since 2am (it’s currently 11am) and I’m not thinking straight.

I went back to DailyMile and saw that I ran very few miles in May. Which isn’t true. I was running a lot. I just fail at logging my miles. It kind of bummed me out looking at it. I was like “Wait…I totally ran that week. And that one. Dammit”

So I can’t tell you how I did on my mileage, but I can tell you that I ran more than what DailyMile is saying I ran. I have the arguments with Brian for being late getting home, the loads of laundry, the miles on two pairs of sneakers, and the friends who ran with me to vouch for it. It’s just when you are so busy doing everything, you tend to forget little things like logging miles and making sure surge protectors are working correctly during a storm that hits your house while you are out of town. (and therefore frying your computer)

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Anyway – it’s JUNE! Today is June 1: the first day of hurricane season, Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, and the start of a new month. I’m sitting here at work a few lbs lighter than I started May, and a week into my new no gluten plan. Which isn’t new. I just fail at planning (which is a plan to fail, if you are dreamboat)


I have roughly 3 months until I start hard core full marathon training. I have a plan mapped out that I have to send to two other people (one confirmed to run it with me, one not as she may be going out of town) and I am excited to attempt this adventur

e. It’s going to absolute hell and tons of fun all at the same time, which is just how I like my challenges.

It is officially summer running though. Which means slower miles, paying attention to your body and making damn sure you have water or Gatorade with you at all times when you run. It’s dangerous to get severely dehydrated, and I know from being almost rushed to the hospital from it. So take it from me – GET SUMMER RUNNING PREPARED like I am. I’m ordering 2 of the mini Polar Bottles to run with, and I’m changing my run times to early morning or late evening. Wear breathable, light colored gear and make sure you are hydrated.

I still want to start Insanity – but can’t get the burned DVDs to play. So I downloaded the fitness app called “Gorilla” and am going to start that on Monday. It’s body weight strength training, which isn’t want I want. I want to either join a gym to do the Les Mills programs or get these damn Insanity DVDs to play. But until I can do either of those, I will focus on the Gorilla app and the amenity center I have available to me. Which I have been using.


I have successfully had 5 days of gluten free. I feel good, despite the migraine that I have been fighting. My digestion has been good, and I have

been less bloated. Just more proof.

I’m going to try my damnedest to do gluten free for the entire month and see how I feel with that. With it being summer, we tend to eat more rice, veggies, fruits and chicken anyway so the need for pastas and breads is significantly down. Which makes this easy. I learned little things like the apple sandwich (YUM!) and using chunks of veggies as bread. I’ve tested out some quinoa recipes that are pretty good and found some gluten free flakes to make cobblers and whatnot with. Glutino has awesome pizza crusts, crackers, pastas and breads that I can have that are gluten free. So it should work.

I just need to stick to it. Which will be a challenge, but I’m always up for one.

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I really should be talking to my parents about this first, but it’s not like I haven’t put it out there already. I’m seeing a plastic surgeon at the end of June to get a consult on decompression surgery for my migraines. I’ve read up on the surgery, the pros and cons, and the side effects…and despite everything that is scaring the living hell out of me this is what stands out: Most patients who get the surgery see 80-90% improvement in migraines after a 7 month healing period.

That. That is why I’m pushing to get it done.

The first few months after the surgery would cause more migraines because all of the sudden the pressure is off and everything will be freaking out, but that is what drugs are for. I’d be out of running for at least 2-3 weeks and then back to normal. If I can get the surgery in July before I start full training, I can be ready to do the full with any luck – no migraines.

So that’s what June holds for me. What’s June got for you?


4 thoughts on “Hello, June!

  1. angel says:

    Hey my husband suffered with migraines and after 14 years we discovered they were a result of high blood pressure spikes……..family hereditary issue as well…….check your bp during migraines….see if its higher or lower than normal…….he has been migraine free for 4 months now…..taking propranolol for bp and migraine…….

    • jljohnson says:

      So sorry to hear about your husband but glad to hear he has them under control. I was on BP meds for a while but my BP dropped so low it was getting to be too dangerous. Also, I didn’t see much results with it.

      The only thing that seemed to work well was the Topamax but I had one of the side effects that they don’t tell many people about and they promptly pulled me off of it. I loved that stuff tho. 6 weeks between migraines instead of 8 days? I was thrilled.

      • angel says:

        Yeah topomax didn’t help him either..lots of side effects…..propranolol is the Only med in 14 years that has worked…..ask your Dr about it…..I have a coworker they also just started it and says it Helped tremendously……..anyways. love reading your blog.

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