I fail at technology.

When my home computer crashed, I started relying on my work computer and my lunch break to get blogs done. This blog is important to me and I want to stick to it as much as I can.

But when my work computer got swapped out and I was stuck trying to figure out why the damn thing wouldn’t stay on, I got more frustrated.

It took the IT guys almost a week to determine that the new box had a video card that wouldn’t support my obsession with Google Chrome, redo the bios on my old box, update that one, and then put it back on my desk. Then, it took another 2 hours to upload everything back on it.

As for my home computer, I have the new power supply sitting on my dining room table. My computer? At my brothers house. He is out of town. Till Wednesday. So MAYBE by next weekend I will have my computer back.

And I know I can post via my phone but that means no photos and that’s just boring.

So I don’t want to lose you readers and I don’t want you to think I forgot about you. Head over to Twitter (@idiotrunnergirl) and Facebook (Facebook.com/idiotrunnergirl) and make sure you keep up with me there!

I miss you all!

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