It’s A Food Thing: It’s Just Food.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about food and diet. I wasn’t going to focus on it because it’s not something that I’m completely obsessed with, despite having to be a little obsessed given the dietary changes I’m trying to make in order to cut gluten out of my diet. But lately it’s been non stop food related drama.

And really – it irritates me how people act about food and diet. 

I could give you a list of examples of people in my life as of late that have been OBSESSED with food and diet. Maybe it’s because it’s almost summer time and it’s starting to hit people that they will be wandering around, all scantily clad in bathing suits and board shorts, tank tops and flowy skirts, summer dresses and strappy shoes…. whatever. Suddenly – it’s eat as healthy as you can, and eat as little as you can, and work out as hard as you can in order to drop as much weight in as little time as possible.

Because, you know…THAT sounds healthy.

Fruits Vegetables Meat Fish FoodAnd what I love is that people are complaining to me about it. They say things like “I don’t trust people who tell me I don’t need to lose weight because I know I do” or “Eating lunch isn’t helping me lose the weight I need to lose” or “Of course I’m going to work out for a few hours, I have to cut the fat.” And I sit here, and I bite my tongue until it bleeds because if I let these people know just how moronic those statements are, I’m surly going to lose a friend or two, and alienate my husband.

And I like sex, so I’d rather not alienate my husband.

Here’s the deal – those fad diets aren’t going to work. You have to eat. And you have to eat healthy. Or hell, if you decide to NOT eat healthy, then don’t, but don’t go on and on about how terrible of a person you are because you ate that brownie. or cookie. or candy bar. Because if you are, then I’m the devil incarnate because I eat sweets everyday to fuel a sweet tooth. Know what else I eat?

Lots of fruit. Lots of veggies. Everyday for lunch I have a salad. Everyday for dinner, I have lean meats and veggies. I have a Greek yogurt every day. I have an apple or a banana every day. I drink lots of water with MiO in it every day.

Eating 85% healthy IS OKAY. It’s okay! If you deny yourself the things you want, all you are going to do is binge on them later and Pasta Dinner with Garlic Bread Carbsthen you’ll feel worse and that leads to more disastrous things. You need to stop doing that and just accept what you ate and do something about it.

Because really? It’s just food. It’s fuel. It should taste good, and you should eat what you like, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Those of you who do, make me feel bad for you. There are a lot of delicious tastes out there that can bring you smiles and happiness. And there is nothing wrong in indulging in those tasty things.

Accept that, and the rest will be easy.


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