Planning and Changes

Sometimes it is do frustrating to be so busy that important things fall by the wayside. Trying to fit in a million things in just 24 hours and still get the requires meals and sleep in is a pain in the ass!

Many of you know I do social media for a local television station. I love it. I love engaging people on our sites, finding out new platforms we can be on, and broadening the station brand so that we can be identified as more than just local TV (because really – no one is just “local TV” anymore) but its time consuming. And then when breaking news hits, everything you had planned gets thrown out the window and you are in a rush to get accurate information out to the masses that are BEGGING us to tell them what’s wrong with the world.

Today, people want to know everything they can possibly know, then more as soon as possible. It’s demanding and frustrating for those trying to supply it in a fast paced manner.

On top of that, I am a wife, a daughter, a friend, an aspiring author, a runner, and a blogger. Usually I have a good grasp of everything and get it all done, but sometimes life gets chaotic and I just can’t make it all happen.

I am jealous of the ones who are able to blog once a day! I wanna do that! It was easier when I was “just” an editor an had more downtime…now I am lucky to squeeze in a post during my lunch break.

the Jax Bank Marathon registration had opened. I got “You rally still planning on running the full?” From two people, one of them being Dreamboat. Kinda bummed me out to hear that, but YES. I AM. I have my plan already mapped out and ready to be out into action, my diet choices have already started to change, and I am going to finish it like a rock star. And yeah, I am really concerned about the training during the weekdays but that’s why I have a support system in place.

Planning and managing your time is key to all successes you want – but also being flexible when things get crazy is necessary to sanity. You – and I – are human and have other obligations and that’s okay. It just means sometimes making a quick blog post from your phone while still in bed instead of stretching like you had planned may have to happen. 😜


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