What day is it?

That moment when your migraine ends and you look around and realize you lost an entire week. Wow.

I hate it when that happens.

I spent most of the week in so much pain that I actually slacked off on everything. Logic says don’t feel guilty but truth is I do. I feel bloated and miserable and like I let myself down.

That’s something that hinders progress; thoughts like that make me feel worse and care less an less about what I should be doing. Instead, I should take the time to make myself feel better and then focus on getting back into the world of fitness and healthy eating.

My week long migraine also had me practically begging for my Topamax. The amazing and dangerous anti-seizure medication that took my migraines away but also made me want to kill myself. No, that isn’t an exaggeration. And while my doctor thinks a lesser dosage will be safer, Brian and I agree that unless its a last option…it’s not on the table.

I do miss its ability to steal my migraines and my appetite though.

What we have learned:
1. I am way too hard on myself.
2. I really need to refill my Maxalt for my migraines.
3. Narcotic pain killers don’t work, but they do take the edge off enough for me to function.
And 4. It’s time to make another doctors appt. to figure out why my head – and my gut – is trying to kill me again.

For now – I shall run.


3 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. juli says:

    I have read previous posts and know you have an issue with gluten. Just wondering what kind of shampoo you use. Check the ingredients… really research them for gluten. I have a friend who suffered from migraine for years… turns out it was the gluten in her shampoo and conditioner leaching into her scalp, directly causing pain. It’s along shot, but I just thought I’d throw it out there.

    Have fun on your run!

    • jljohnson says:

      I had no idea that would be a factor. I’m actually going to test out the whole gluten free diet and see if it helps with my migraines too. I’m not sure, since mine are neurological (as opposed to hormonal, which is more common in women) but I’m willing to try. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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