So…I’ve been thinking.

I’ve been going back and forth about saying this outloud, because once I say it…I’m committed. I have to do it. It’s not something I can let work get in the way of, or life get in the way of. Once I say it out loud – that’s it.

And plans have already started. I chatted with three different people to solidify the perfect training program. I’ve got two people who are willing to go the distance with me, both promising to be a positive force with me even when I curse them all and tell them to STFU in the meanest, nastiest way possible. (And one of those people has heard me do it during half training!) I’ve talked it over with Dreamboat and factored in that in the middle of everything I will be standing next to two very important people in my life as they get married, then on a cruise ship to celebrate their new status.

I’ve kept my mouth shut over all about it. It’s my worst kept secret, and those close to me already know where this is going. And even now, when I’m ready to actually type the words….I’m finding myself getting nervous and itching to NOT type them.


But the truth is, I’m signing up for the Jax Bank Marathon, scheduled for December 29th.

It’s unnerving how freaked out I am about this. Normal people run marathons. I can count ten off the top of my head that have run a marathon. So why is this such a huge deal for me to make the decision to do? Well….

I’ve not mastered the half yet. I want to score a half marathon under 2:30 in the worst way, but haven’t yet. It’s annoyingly frustrating that I’ve been trying to do this for 8 half’s and still haven’t. BUT I’ve been told that training for a full will help my half time, especially if I train for a time that I want to finish the full in.

The training schedule is wicked. I’m not able to commit 2 hours in the middle of the week for an 8 or 9 mile run, especially when it starts getting dark early and I am out of work at 6:30pm. BUT Richard, one of the guys I work with who is a fitness junkie and I respect, says I can break up the runs over three days. Instead of doing 3-8-3, I can do 4-6-4 and still get the mileage in. Just make sure I do those miles as pace miles, not just run miles.

The pluses?

I have two friends who offered to run it with me. Kat and Marisa (whose name I keep spelling wrong. I’m an idiot, after all) and I’m grateful for that. I’m sure I’m going to need it in order to make it through 5+ hours of running. The good thing about Kat is that girl is a talker. If I look at her and say “Just talk” she’ll go on and on and on for hours without a break. I love her for that, because a lot of times when we have done training runs that I didn’t want to do, she’d just talk and I’d listen and respond when I could and the next thing you know, 13 miles is done. She also knows when to push me and when to let me be. She knows that I am super competitive and will nurture that, but won’t let me do something stupid to hurt myself. She also knows the signs to watch for when it comes to my migraines. Sometimes she’ll see the signs and know that one is coming on before even I do. Marisa is one of my new running friends who lives in Orlando and just finished a 50k. A 50K!! Crazy right? She said she would run the full with me in December and I am grateful. We are still pretty new to being friends, but what can I say? She likes fitness, running, tattoos, and she makes me laugh. That’s good friend material right there. So I know I won’t be doing this whole thing alone.

Tiffany and Brian said that they would meet me at the Mimosa stand, that Richard and his wife Lovebug (Cyndi) will be manning. It’s literally right in their front yard, across from the water and Gatorade stop. It’s at the end of the race, maybe mile 24? Ish? But I know that as we get closer to it, I’ll see my dreamboat husband who has always been my biggest cheerleader and my friends who will be standing by with beer and mimosas for us.

When I told my mom that I was going to register for a full marathon, she didn’t really get it. She was more like “….why?” than “Oh, cool!” like I had hoped. But that’s okay, because the reason I am doing this isn’t for her. It isn’t for anyone really. It’s for me. It’s so I can do something and prove to everyone that I got this and that I can do it.

So there you have it. It’s official. I’m registering this week for the Jax Bank Marathon. I’m scared and excited all at the same time. It’s an adventure that I’m eager to test out.


9 thoughts on “So…I’ve been thinking.

    • jljohnson says:

      I know, right? The station sponsors the race, so I might be able to do it with a comp entry. I’ve always gotten one for the half. I’m going to ask about the full.

      Either way, I’m dropping off my paperwork this week.

  1. seefranrun says:

    Very exciting! I’m planning to sign up for my first full soon and I haven’t mastered the half distance either! I am very glad there is some one out there with the same plan! Good luck with the training!

  2. juli says:

    GO you!!! I can’t tell you how many people around here want to run Boston next year and they aren’t even off the couch yet. *sigh* They just don’t get how hard it is. I think you’ll do amazing!!

  3. Stephanie M. says:

    Woo hoo!!! You can do it!!! Don’t worry about time. The most important thing is that you go to the start line and you get to the finish line. It’s about the journey. And just think, you will be 26.2 miles ahead of many many many people who never even get to the start line. Looking forward to following your training. 🙂

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