Angry April shifts to Crazy May

Clearly, every time I make a list of goals and plans, I falter and realize that things are just not working out. Whether it is from me being lazy or if it’s from outside forces keeping me from achieving the necessary goals…..whatever it is, I failed April like I failed March and I’m annoyed.

Crazy May – on the other hand – will NOT be a failure.

I am hellbent on making sure that I get  my shit together for this  month. I know it’s sweeps and I know that my life is crazy busy, but the truth is, I want to fit back into some of my clothes again. I’m having some help this time around, which I think will motivate me to getting up in the morning when I really just want to sleep….Dreamboat is pushing me. At 6am or 6:30, he starts texting me “Get UP and WORK OUT” which makes me smile, roll my eyes, growl and feel thankful each time. I DO need to get up earlier and get part of my workout done in the AM. It’s just hard because I’m sleeeeepy.

Stress makes you tired, you know.

In the mornings, I plan on doing some full body weights and yoga. I hate yoga because  my muscles are really tight and I feel horrible doing it. But the only way to get muscles to loosen is to do Yoga. And I want to get some tighter arms and shoulders and back, so hello weight training! Plus, tighter legs move faster.

I’m also partnering with  my old running girl Kat in the mornings on Mondays and Fridays. I’ll be meeting her at 5:45 in the morning, and we’ll run. Monday will be an easy run, Fridays are a little rough and tumble. She knows I want to get faster and knows how I am so she will know when to push me and when to tell me to slow down and when to LET me slow down. She’s one of my oldest, closest friends!!

I’m still going to run with Tiffany from time to time. She is a good person to run with for an easy, chill run. I keep forgetting that I need those from time to time.

Here’s the rundown:

Monday: 5 miles w/Kat and weight training
Tuesays: 4 miles w/Tiffany and Yoga
Wednesday: speed work and weight training
Thursday: 4 miles OR Stairs and yoga
Friday: 5 Miles w/Kat (if I have time, weight training)
Saturday: REST
Sunday: Trail run/long run

I’m also trying to achieve some personal things. Remember my vitamins every day. Moisturizer and lotion every day. More sunscreen. Little to no wheat products in my diet. Little things that after 21 days will be habit. I’m working on making positive changes! I’m surrounding myself with positive energy and making sure that everyone I know is positive too.

I’m not looking back on April because lets face it. I know I didn’t do all that I set out to do. But I’m trying to and that’s what is  most important. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Angry April shifts to Crazy May

  1. jane at the flight platform says:

    wow i just found you through a link on ‘my mums a whack job’ and it’s like ive fallen into my won life. yep out running here by 5-45 as well, and hell yeah to the wanna fit into clothes. love your spirit, love it!

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