It’s A Food Thing: Lesson Learned

Years ago, I went to a nutritionist to find out why I was working as hard as I was and not losing any weight. She had me carry a food journal with me and work on learning what it is exactly that I am putting in my body as well as how much. It took almost 5 months to really figure it out, but while I was there…we talked about symptoms of a problem that could be keeping me from losing weight.

And thanks to a stomach bug, a bad decision, and two sleepless nights – I know it’s most likely fact now.

I should also warn you: this post has GI talk in it. If poop makes you queasy, don’t read it.

breadGluten sensitivity is still a pretty new concept. I also didn’t buy the fact that someone could be “allergic” or “sensitive” to GLUTEN. Which is kind of hypocritical of me, considering I have a dairy allergy and have to fight all the time to get people to realize that there is a difference in an allergy and a sensitivity. An allergy gets you sick…a sensitivity is a digestive issue.

I’ve seriously been an idiot.

Anyway – When I got sick with the stomach bug that everyone else in my world had, I literally detoxed myself. I lived on two days of water, gatorade, and chicken broth. Then, I slowly started to add healthy, gluten free foods back into my diet slowly. Salads with spinach and romaine and some honey mustard, lots of fruit and veggies, lean meats and fish. I felt good, was pooping regularly and easily, and didn’t feel bloated at all. I was in heaven! I felt fantastic!

Then – because I was the only one who had an issue with pizza when out with friends on Saturday night, I did the unthinkable. The one thing that ruined the great feeling I had the entire week after ending my vomiting. I ate two pieces of pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut (and burned my mouth in the process.) While it was a delicious  meal that I haven’t had in years, I instantly started feeling the effects of the wheat filled crust that tasted so good.

The next day showed more signs of issues: not pooping, feeling insanely bloated, my clothes too tight, and pressure that caused me to double overPasta Dinner with Garlic Bread Carbs in pain. I ran the trails at the University of North Florida for the first time just to get an understanding of what they will be like to run (read: easy and slow) and then went home. I felt worse, not better. Dammit.

Through the day I felt horrible. I felt like my stomach was growing with no real outlet, and I continued to eat like normal and it just made me feel run down. I took some OTC meds to try and help to no avail. Then we went to Sonic for dinner since we were with Tiffany watching the race, and I got popcorn chicken: breaded chicken bites. I’m an idiot. I tossed and turned night Monday night, cramping and pain like you wouldn’t believe. It was misery. That’s when it hit me. Duh, you idiot. It’s the wheat. GLUTEN.

If I needed any more proof, then this was it. I told Brian about it. He told me that if I wanted proof I needed to stop eating it and see what happens when I ate it again, and in the same breath admitted that’s just what I had done. Yeah, exactly. I have always tried to eat Gluten Free when I could because of what the nutritionist said to me, but never took it seriously. Now, I very much am. Not only did I feel better with more energy and stronger the days I was “clean,” I also was able to wear clothes I hadn’t been able to in a few weeks. Not being bloated seems to work miracles, and may give me some of my wardrobe back.

Gluten Free SignBut the biggest thing was that I just felt better.

I’m not going to be able to go absolutely 100% on this, but I am going to try to do as much as I can to make it work. I live with a guy who can eat anything and everything (except Hazelnuts, he’s allergic to those) and I am not going to set my family up for some kind of drama by making them change their plans when they want to go out to eat. I will, however, be significantly  more concious of my intake and limit the gluten/wheat laden products as much as I can in order to make myself feel better.

I mean – it is almost bathing suit season. Who wants to see a bloated whale in a two piece? 😉

Do you have an intolerance, and if so how do you handle it?


5 thoughts on “It’s A Food Thing: Lesson Learned

  1. Ashlie says:

    Mine isn’t an “intolerance” but I have to watch my carb & sugar intake because of Insulin issues. While the “bad” food tastes really, really good & helps calm my emotional mood swings, I end up feeling like you did…sluggish, bloated & crappy. Even though I get tired & annoyed by not being able to eat like I feel everyone else does, in the long run I feel better when I eat right & it does feel good to feel comfortable in your clothes.

  2. Vita says:

    I am sensitive to dairy products and even the slightest drop of milk or cream leaves me bloated and in a need of a bathroom… asap. A small quantity of gluten gives me a mild headache but if I continue eating wheat (or rice, or oats… they are probably cross-contaminated) for several days, I get bloated and I can say goodbye to my regular bathroom visits. I am probably allergic to coconut as well… or it might be just a leeky gut problem, but after eating coconut products (milk, cream, chips) my nose starts running and voice gets coarse.
    I am glad you found what’s been causing problems for you and you can get rid of it and feel fab 🙂

  3. Shannon M King says:

    I too seem to have a gluten intolerance…I try to eat very little bread as it seems to take awhile to build up in my system before I get sick with cramps and bloating and just feeling sick! I go through periods where I don’t eat any gluten (that I know of) and I feel great…then I start in again on bread and after awhile I will inevitably get sick again..blessings, and glad you found a solution sweetie!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

  4. Jules (@mymomsawhackjob) says:

    I am gluten, grain and dairy free. I don’t consume any of them unless I am out drinking and then all my willpower disappears and I feel like crap in the morning. I can tell a difference.

    I am working on getting off the beer, it is hard, but I can tell difference. Try to go for Gluten Free beer when I have the chance.

  5. juli says:


    Over from Jules’s place. Been scanning some of your posts, loving what I’ve found. 🙂 Thought I’d comment here though since I’ve been GF along with my son since 2007. 100% GF. It’s not easy, but it is do-able. Good luck in your diet, once you get used to it (and find the good products) it’s really not so bad. 🙂


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