It’s A Food Thing: Counting Calories

So I started watching what calories I’ve been eating lately, which is actually kind of a bad thing. See, I get obsessive about numbers which is a little stupid since I fail at math…but it’s true. I do. It’s an OCD thing or something.

Before – I would weigh myself every day and freak out over the slightest shift in weight. I would count calories and consider the day a failure if I was even 4 calories over. I’m crazy obsessed with the sizes of my clothes, and it’s stupid. Generally, it’s really really stupid. Because this kind of obsession doesn’t stop me from eating wings and drinking beer with my friends. It doesn’t stop me from having ice cream at my parents house. And it sure as hell doesn’t stop me from enjoying the delicious things that I keep seeing shown so negatively everywhere.

But when I step on the scale for another week and see the number sit at 177 again months later, I know that something has to give. I may not be gaining weight, but I sure as hell am not losing it either.

FOOD GUACAMOLEIt’s frustrating, but at the same time not surprising. I haven’t been consistent in my workouts lately, which would help with my weight loss and it takes both working out and watching what I eat to create a healthy lifestyle…and a svelt body. I’m not lazy and I’m not as active as some of the people I admire. (Paul McRae, I mean you here) but I do need to come to a perfect, happy  medium of being dedicated to my sport and my diet.

Little changes are the easiest. Giving up soda is hard for me because I am a caffeine junkie and a sugar addict, but knowing that so many empty calories are going toward a bottle of Dr. Pepper I get out of the vending machine makes doing it hard. Sometimes I don’t care and say screw it and drink it anyway (hello, emotional eating/drinking!) but for the most part I’ve been doing good with drinking water. It’s the same thing with foods I’m eating. I did such a great job being healthy and eating only good for you things that when I broke down and had potato chips with my dinner last night, suddenly…I want more junk food.

There’s a reason we don’t keep it in the home.

But it’s about making little changes. Apples and peanut butter instead of cookies. Trail mix and carrot sticks instead of the Twizzlers my managers Fruits Vegetables Food Fruits and Veggiesbring in for the producers. Water, tea, coffee and my MiO instead of sodas and juices. Slowly. Small, little shifts that will be come habit over time is what is necessary when cleaning up your eating. But then when you add the healthy items into your calorie counters and realize that so many calories are in some specific healthy things you want to punch the table.

Peanut Butter is 190 calories!? Seriously!? My 4 Twizzlers are only 140!!

BBQ sauce? I need to count those calories? I don’t even think it’s written on the bottle. It’s from a Mom&Pop place in SC.

So you are telling me if I squeeze a lime into my glass of water, I have to count the calories for that?

Fruits Vegetables Meat Fish FoodI liked it better when it was eat healthy and don’t worry about the numbers. So long as you run and stay relatively healthy (which for me is 80%) you will be fine. If I get back into the habit of working out every day I think I can do that. So…why the calorie counting, you ask? Well, because I needed a reality check again. It’s easiest to be smacked in the head with reality when you can actually see the numbers in front of you. It’s my version of a food diary and while I despise it right now (and will easily go over the 346 leftover calories I have for today) I’m going to keep doing it for a little while longer.

If nothing else, I’ll have good eating habits formed by the end of April. That’s something we all can work toward, right?



6 thoughts on “It’s A Food Thing: Counting Calories

  1. Coldy McFreezing (@DoctorK4) says:

    I had great success with an iPhone app called “Lose It!” You can scan barcodes or just search its database and it will pull up nutritional information. Yes, it’s still counting calories, but because it tracks percent of calories coming from fat/carbs/protein you can adjust your diet to get a good balance (like more protein, less fat).

  2. rootzrunner says:

    I never do well with trying to count calories or putting heavy restrictions on my diet. I just try to make good choices “most” of the time and I am working on running/working out consistently.

  3. Shannon M King says:

    i count my calories…I weigh once a week…I try not to obsess, but sometimes fail at that too! I eat mainly vegan-ish, but add in 2-3 eggs a week and salmon 2x a week…So eat healthy 90% of the time, have a snack here and there just keep it healthy-ish! I am on and they have an app too that’s free…blessings sweetie!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

  4. jljohnson says:

    Wow, thanks for this! I’m going to check it out. I use DailyMail at work so I know most of their stuff is pretty legit.

    I don’t like counting, but I almost feel like I have to. I am significantly less stressed when I DON’T count.

  5. Vita says:

    I hate hate hate calories. And therefore I hate counting them. I do too get obsessed over every single calorie and end up miserable and unhappy. So at the moment I would rather choose to eat foods that make me feel good. Sugars, grains, dairy are not on that list. I keep repeating to myself that I shouldn’t worry about the calorific value of my meals as long as they are healthy. Reading a lot of paleo/primal blogs I noticed some great ideas, one of them being that eating 2000 kcal of crap results in gaining weight and terrible health and eating 2000 kcal of healthy foods will bring me health, energy, better mood and weight loss. Yes, despite it being the same amount of calories 🙂
    P.S. you have a really great blog 🙂 I love your writing and ideas 🙂

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